Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Facebook and Myspace delete 3,500 NY Sex Offenders

New Laws passed in 25 states have made it easy for Myspace and facebook to clear themselves of sex offenders. New laws allow social networking sites to purge themselves of child molesters, gropers and convicted rapists.

More than 3,500 offenders registered in New York have been kicked off the two popular Web sites in the months since the state implemented a law requiring sex crime convicts to register their e-mail addresses, as well as their dwellings, attorney general Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday. 

cnet news has this to say

"The E-Stop law bans many registered offenders from using social-networking sites while on parole or probation and requires all registered offenders to disclose their e-mail addresses, screen names, and "other Internet identifiers." That data is provided to social-networking sites to run against their roles."

To put this into perspective. The accounts that are bing banned are only those of convicted sex offenders. most of these offenses have happened not on cyber-space but in the real world. 

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