Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to stop Facebook from sending invitations

Yes you made a mistake and used the import email address feature on Facebook and invited all your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Outlook friends, Some have joined you but others have not. Many business contacts may not want to join. Faecbook will keep sending them the invitation over and over again. Which gets annoying and your contacts keep complaining that the invites don't stop. So how do you stop Facebook from sending out those invites.

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on Account

3. Click on Edit Friends

4. Click on Invite Friends

5. Click on View All Invites. (Found on the right)

6. You see a list of people you have invited.

7. Select "Not Yet Joined" from the drop down menu. Found on the top right hand side above the list.

8. Beside each name is a check box. Start selecting the IDs of people you want Facebook to stop sending invites to.

9. Above the list you find a "Delete Selected" link activated.

10. Click that link to delete all the contacts you want Facebook to stop sending invites to.

11. You will be asked "Are you sure you want to delete selected from Invite History". Click Yes

12. Your Done.

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  1. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! that was so embarrassing...

  2. can't find on the new format...got any suggestions?

  3. You can always go to the person's profile and remove the friend request or cancel friend request.