Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest Zynga games for Facebook

Zynga who created the most popular Facebook games has a directory for you to choose from. Zynga the creator of games like Mafia Wars. Farmville and Petville has a large list for users to choose from. With Vampires being the staff pick. Vampire Wars is a text based games which puts you in a scenario where you and your friends are vampires. The tasks that the users starts out with as an introduction to the games becomes the game itself. Users play to win strategy and blood.

So choose a game that suits you and happy playing

  • Mafia WarsMafia Wars

  • Cafe WorldCafe World

  • FishVilleFishVille

  • PetVillePetVille

  • Roller CoasterRoller Coaster

  • Zynga PokerZynga Poker

  • YoVille!YoVille!

  • VampiresVampires

  • Street RacingStreet Racing

  • PiratesPirates

  • Dragon WarsDragon Wars

  • FarmVilleFarmVille

  • Special ForcesSpecial Forces

  • Fashion WarsFashion Wars

  • BlackjackBlackjack

  • ScrambleScramble

  • Word TwistWord Twist

  • PathWordsPathWords

  • SudokuSudoku

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