Friday, January 15, 2010

Verizon Wireless, AT&T lower unlimited voice and data plans

With data use becoming more important to mobile phone users. Carriers are also adjusting their pierces accordingly. Smartphones are slowly taking over the connections. With the largest of date users being called "Data Hogs". Carriers will therefore have to effect changes that reflect this growing need. With Mobile phones becoming more like mini Internet Devices Data is a now a huge thing. This of course has got carriers to think of new revenue models as people seek to access emails and Social Networks from their phones. 

Verizon Wireless, the largest cell phone carrier in the U.S., said early in the day that, starting Monday, it would start charging $70 a month for an unlimited monthly calling plan. The same plan previously cost $100.

This also brings down the monthly cost for users of the company's high-end smart phones like Motorola's Droid, which require a $30 per month unlimited data plan. An unlimited data and voice plan will now cost $100, rather than $130.

Rival AT&T Inc., the nation's second-largest wireless carrier, responded late Friday by announcing some of the same price cuts. Starting Monday, it, too will charge $70 for an unlimited calling plan that had also been $100, and offer a $100 plan with unlimited voice and data for smart phones like Apple Inc.'s popular iPhone (also down from $130).

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