Monday, February 8, 2010

How to find an iPhone App Developer

You have got this great ideas for an iPhone App but you do not have the time time to build it yourself or maybe you are not a techie sort of person and you actually need to hire someone to build your app. So where do you start your hunt for a good iPhone App developer.

A word of caution before you start your hunt. Many times you need to hire two developers one to work on the code and the other to work on design. It is very often the case and some people are good at designing and others on the actual code to make it work.

1. You can start with iStore itself. If you have a few favourite Apps that you use you can look under the "Company" description to find the developer. Because many times when you click on company you get to see the names of the developers of that particular App. Which in turn lists the developers website, check out the website and get in touch directly with the developer.

2. There are websites built specifically for this. We are going to list o few of them below. You will need to check the genuineness of the whole thing before hiring. Best is to have detailed dialogs with your developers before proceeding with the project.  


Here are a few websites built just for the purpose of finding an iPhone App developer.

Use these two websites below to browse through iPhone App Developers.



Once you find an App developer you should ask to see their work and view portfolio samples. You would also need to ensure that the developer clearly understands you idea and has worked on projects similar to what you have in mind. 


Everything is not going to go well if you cannot write your idea down step by step down to the very last minute detail. Having an idea is not enough you need to thoroughly understand your own idea first. You should be able to write down each step on a chart. Once you developer sees your chart there should be no doubt in his mind that this is what you want exactly.


You don't want to explain things by word of mouth and finally see something else coming out in the finished product. 


You can also try elance or guru.com 


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