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Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS 6: How to take a panoramic photo with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

iPhone Camera with Panorama
Image Source: Apple

The new iPhone 5 has been released and the updated iOS 6 operating system is being updated on countless devices. Once of the fun features of the new iOS 6 is the ability to take Panorama photos. Panoramic photos are about 8640 x 1881 pixels and therefore quiet large. it allows you however to take beautiful shots of landscapes, friends at a party, your garden and just about anywhere and any location. So how does Panorama work.

Panoramic Shots: How do they work
 You point at an image and then move your camera to take a series of images. If you did not have panorama you would need to join  photos together before being able to combine them into one whole. With Panorama you can just pan and your phone will take a services of photos while combining it as one. A simple and beautiful concept.

How to Take a Panorama Photo on the iPhone in iOS 6.
You can take panoramic photos using your iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
1. On your iPhone open up your camera
2. Tap on options and then panorama
3. Your phone goes into panorama mode.
4. tap the shutter button and move your iPhone continuously while keeping the arrow along the white line.
5. Tap done when your over and there you have it.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to: iPhone HDR mode and how to shoot better photos

Image Credit: Webpronews

HDR or 'high dynamic range' photography is a simple concept. You use your iPhone's camera and enter HDR mode and start shooting. What happens is that every time you take a photo, three images are shot. Low, regular and high - these images are then combined to create one really cool image that seeks to capture the image in as close to reality as possible both in terms of lighting and the mood at that time. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has HDR mode which you can make optimal use of to capture some amazing shots and impress all your friends with your photography skill. This is a brief guide to help you make the most of your iPhone's HDR photo capture mode. of course the most high-quality HDR photos are taken with dSLR cameras and then edited in programs like Photoshop.

How to turn on HDR mode on the iPhone
Currently available on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Head over to your camera > tap options  >  HDR on.

How to capture HDR images on the iPhone
Remember that 3 shots will be captured once you click so it's important for you to decide whether the photo is HDR worthy. This is because all three shots are not taken at once but one after the other. This means if your subject moves while the shot is being processed it's most likely you end up with people who look mutant and cars that look more like spaceships. So if you are ready for a HDR capture and confident about your subject, you're ready

Once your photo has been captured you will see two shots on your iPhone, one which is normal and the other will be the HDR photo. Swipe back and forth to see the difference.  

What is the kind of shot that best suits HDR photography
HDR is most suited for landscapes, nature, scenery, wildlife and cityscapes. HDR can also be used when taking photos inside your home - especially when the light is not so good. Using HDR will give you a shot that combines three photos, underexposed, normal and overexposed. This should come closest to the actual light condition that you're hoping to capture.  

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to use Airplay to connect your iPhone's camera live on Apple TV

Now we did not come up with this idea, we will give you the links at the bottom of the post which contain the idea's origin and the blog that pointed us to it. This however is an amazing iPhone 4S trick and works with iOS 5 devices. The basic use of this cool trick is that once you connect the two you can use your iPhone to see stuff that would have otherwise been almost impossible. like the inside of your ear, back of your neck, some hidden place under your bed, a dark corner in the attic. There are a lot of fun tricks and uses for this trick. So once setup you will be able to beam wirelessly images from your phone live to your Apple TV.

To watch live footage from your iPhone on your Apple TV
1. Double click on your device's home-button to enable Airplay mirroring. 
2. Swipe to the right twice ad then select Apple TV as your Airplay destination and enable mirroring
3. Next click home and run the camera App.

All the images your camera sees will now be seen on your TV and you can now point your iPhone 4S anywhere and watch stuff. If you are going to use your phone in a dark place it is advisable to use a flashlight. Watch whatever your camera is recording live on your TV

TUAW via Lifehacker

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video: Day before the release of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong

Hong Kong created a record when pre-orders of the iPhone 4S sold out in ten minutes. In the United States it took a whole day to run out but in Hong Kong just 10 minutes. Look at the long line of people waiting for the release of the phone tomorrow. In fact security official 'pen in' line sitters. Keep in mind that the iPhone 4S is only available only tomorrow which is almost 24 hours away and the crowds have been building. Hong Kong is going to create a record when it comes to interest in buying and owning an iPhone 4S. Could it be that one of the key features 'Siri' the voiced based personal assistant has been instrumental in sparking interest. Please leave your comments below on what you think. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Siri: How to change the voice from male to female on the iPhone 4S

In Australia and the US Siri has a female voice but in the UK Siri has a male voice. Now which male would want that, well there might be a few but not most males. This post will help you fix that problem and ensure that your Siri has a female voice and not a male voice. If you want to go the other way around and give Siri a male voice follow the procedure mentioned below in reverse.

How to change British Siri's voice from male to female.

1. Tap on settings

2. Tap general

3. Clicking on Siri will give you a language menu

4. Change it to Australia or the US

5. Siri will now have a female voice

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to update Facebook status or send a Tweet using Siri iPhone 4S

Siri of iPhone 4S fame is a very powerful and useful personal voice-based assistant that comes along with the iPhone 4S. Unfortunately Siri will not be able to send a Tweet or updated your Facebook status by default. You will need a workaround to get things going. Once you set it up Siri will be able to update your Twitter and Facebook. 

How to send a Tweet and update Twitter using Siri

1. Login to Twitter

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on mobile

4. Add your mobile number to your Twitter account

5. Authenticate you iPhone 4S with the verification code that's sent

6. Once the process is complete add the short code (40404) and name it 'Twitter' (You can name it anything else if you choose).

7. Now you can activate Siri by long-pressing the home button and then say 'Send text to Twitter' followed by your Tweet

8. You're done

How to update your Facebook status using Siri

1. Login to Facebook

2. Connect your phone number to your Facebook account using this page

3. Once you done you can add your Facebook short code to your address book and name it Facebook. To find your country's short codes please use this page

4. Activate Siri and send a text by telling Siri ' Send text to Facebook' followed by your message.

5. You're done

You can use these methods to update your Twitter and Facebook using Siri. 

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Siri not to blame for the iPhone 4S low battery standby power

Apple has been reaching out to iPhone 4S users admitting that there is a problem with the battery life of the new phone and asking owners to install a program and give feedback. There have been many reports as to what the problem could be and how to improve the longevity of the battery life. Previous models of the iPhone like the iPhone 4 had a standby time of 300 hours. iPhone 4S has a standby time of 200 hours as reported by Apple. Which does not explain the mystery of the standby dropping time on the iPhone 4S battery. 

The Guardian notes that "In some cases the short life has been blamed on corrupted contacts imported from Apple's MobileMe or iCloud services, or from Google's Contacts list; deleting and then reinstalling them sometimes seems to fix the problem". this could be a problem but nothing is clear at the moment. One thing is becoming clear though Siri the personal voice-based iPhone 4S assistant does not seem to be draining the battery power. Siri is not to blame. 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to activate Siri on the iPhone 4S

How to turn on, enable or activate siri on the iPhone 4S. When you first start-up the new iPhone 4S you will notice that it starts up with the old voice recognition pops up when you press down the home button. This is because Siri is turned off by default. So, to turn on the new service which has made the iPhone 4S so famous you will need to do the following. Settings>>General>>Siri


Once Siri has been enabled you have further options like 'Raise to speak', which works well if you are not on a call and simple raising your iPhone to you ears will activate Siri. If you ask Siri for directions which is currently available only in the US, you will be asked to turn on 'Location Service' first. Location service is found under Settings>>Locations Service>>Siri. You can also use your headset by plugging it in and hold the down button to activate Siri.

activate Siri on the iPhone 4s

So to use the service it would need to be turned on, as Siri is not activated by default. 


Friday, October 21, 2011

How to search Yahoo or Bing with Siri

Siri the iPhone 4S assistant will use Google as the default engine. So when you ask Siri to search for anything it will automatically search Google. But what if you want to search Yahoo or Bing. There are two ways to get Siri to search Yahoo or Bing.

1. If it is temporary in the sense you want Siri to search only this one time. Then you can simple Tell Siri to search Bing or Yahoo. An example would be 'Search Yahoo for my daily horoscope', Siri will then search Yahoo. You can do the same thing with Bing. Simply tell Siri which search engine to sue and it will follow. 

2. If you want to make Yahoo or Bing you default search engine for Siri to use. You would need to go to Settings > Safari and under 'General' choose your default search engine. You can then choose Yahoo or Bing. 

This is quiet helpful if you want to shift between search engine. The temporary option is good, you can use different search engines and compare results. Especially if you prefer one service over the other for specific keywords and terms. 

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How to disable to turn off Siri on a locked phone

Even if you iPhone is locked Siri is till accessible and can be activated by someone other then you. Once activated Siri can be asked to call any of your contacts, send a text message to your contacts, change your calendar, find out where someone is on your calendar or lockup and find anyone of your contacts. Siri can be asked to also change stored information. The problem is that once you lock your phone, all apps on your phone are supposed to be locked by default. This is one of the problems with Siri, you will need to use this easy fix to set things right.

How to disable Siri on a locked phone or locked screen

1. Start up your settings App

2. Tap on general

3. Tap on password lock

4. Enter your passcode

5. You will see  'Siri, next to the on/off slider.

6. Set it to Off

This will ensure that Siri is off and not usable when your phone is locked. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siri Funny [Pics]

Siri the voiced based personal assistant that comes pre-loaded with the iPhone 4S gotten really funny. This is fast spreading as an Internet Meme and has to do with funny things Siri says. You can ask Siri anything and some of the replies are really funny and users are recording screencaps and screenshots of their interactions and uploading it to the web. Somethings are really funny and Siri is really catching on. There are many websites you cna now go to upload your Siri screenshots to.  This is all happening real quick and the funny Siri interactions and spreading like wildfire. Here are a few Siri funnies. 

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Siri: How to use

Image Credit: PCMag

Siri, the personal voice assistant for the iPhone 4S is not an app and there is no button you need to press to get it started. You would need to however set Siri up to get it working and start your voice interaction with the application. Siri already comes pre-loaded on the phone and ready to use. Siri will need to know your name and what language you speak

How to set up Siri

Go to Settings > General > Siri

From 'My Info' select your name from your contact lists

Next choose your language (English US, English UK, English Australian, French or German)

How to access Siri

You can access Siri either by holding your phone close to your ear or from afar (e.g car dashboard)

Press and hold the home button

Two quick tones and a picture of a microphone on the screen means Siri is ready to hear you speak. If you hold the phone close to your ear you will hear the two quick tones which means Siri is ready.

How to setup your relationships so Siri understands

You can tell Siri to 'Call my wife' when Siri asks you who is your wife, you cna answer and from then on your saved relationships will exist.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Siri: How does it work


With the announcement of the iPhone 4S comes the news that Siri is coming with it. She will be your virtual personal assistant and help with a whole lot of tasks on your new phone, Siri is a part of iOS 5 and is capable of making you life a lot easier. For instance you get a message or text on your phone it will be read out to you be Siri and you can reply to that message or text with your normal voice. You do not need to touch your phone at all. It is all done automatically and you keep on doing your work and Siri will keep working in the background.

You can ask Siri to set your timer, tell you about the weather, remind you of all your appointments, and ask questions like which route to take and what the traffic situation is like. Siri will also speak to you in an intelligent way and has the ability to ask for clarifications. 

How does Siri work

Works just like a personal assistant, albeit a very wise one. Speak the the assistant in your normal voice and give it all your commands and everything gets done. Will also bring down accidents that happens while texting and driving. Just speak to Siri and ask for nice places for dinner around here. You will get a reply and choose a nice place. You do not need to hold it close and keep using your fingers as it is a voice based assistant that will go on the net and do your research for you. will reply to you in a female voice and keep you updated. Please see video below for more information. 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4s - Features and Highlights. 

After the expected announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple came out with something else the iPhone 4S. Some of the major highlights of the new phone are actually quiet amazing and Apple has held on to its market share. There is an all new 8 mp camera and iOS5 and iCloud. With the launch of the iPhone 4S there has been the new addition Siri.

What is Siri

Siri is you intelligent assistant residing inside your phone to help you. Some of the features of Siri include allowing you to send messages using your voice. You can also ask Siri to do things like schedule meetings and place a phone call. Siri is intelligent enough to talk back to you and works like your own personal assistant on the iPhone 4s

Duel-core A5 Chip

Perfect for gamers and people who require a lot of graphics. The two cores of the chip deliver twice the power and up to seven times faster graphics. Apple also says that the chip is very power-efficient. We will know how powerful it really is after it is tested in real-life.

8MP Camera

The camera is said to make the best use of light and not rely on Megapixels only. So when you are shooting the camera makes use of whatever light is available to give you great looking picturs to show-off with on your phone or HDTV. Apple says that while shooting with the new camera the way it uses light ensure that darks are not too dark and lights are not too light. You can also edit photos on the phone, crop,  rotate, remove red-eye etc. Tap HDR and the camera takes three shots each with a different exposure level and then layers it together. With photo stream in iCloud, you photos are sent to all your devices.

iOS 5

The new operating system for the iPhone 4s, some of the highlights of iOS 5 will be its notification center to see all your notifications in one place. iMessage the place to send texts to all your iPhone buddies and does not cost you anything. Newsstand a shelf in your phone to store all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Reminders to let you know what you were supposed to do. Twitter is also integrated right into iOS 5. Web browser Safari - with the promise to deliver only content sans ads and clutter. It is also PC-free so you do not need a PC to activate it. AirPlay mirroring - play whatever is on your phone wirelessly on HDTV via Apple TV.  

Pics and Videos below

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Monday, February 8, 2010

How to find an iPhone App Developer

You have got this great ideas for an iPhone App but you do not have the time time to build it yourself or maybe you are not a techie sort of person and you actually need to hire someone to build your app. So where do you start your hunt for a good iPhone App developer.

A word of caution before you start your hunt. Many times you need to hire two developers one to work on the code and the other to work on design. It is very often the case and some people are good at designing and others on the actual code to make it work.

1. You can start with iStore itself. If you have a few favourite Apps that you use you can look under the "Company" description to find the developer. Because many times when you click on company you get to see the names of the developers of that particular App. Which in turn lists the developers website, check out the website and get in touch directly with the developer.

2. There are websites built specifically for this. We are going to list o few of them below. You will need to check the genuineness of the whole thing before hiring. Best is to have detailed dialogs with your developers before proceeding with the project.  


Here are a few websites built just for the purpose of finding an iPhone App developer.

Use these two websites below to browse through iPhone App Developers.



Once you find an App developer you should ask to see their work and view portfolio samples. You would also need to ensure that the developer clearly understands you idea and has worked on projects similar to what you have in mind. 


Everything is not going to go well if you cannot write your idea down step by step down to the very last minute detail. Having an idea is not enough you need to thoroughly understand your own idea first. You should be able to write down each step on a chart. Once you developer sees your chart there should be no doubt in his mind that this is what you want exactly.


You don't want to explain things by word of mouth and finally see something else coming out in the finished product. 


You can also try elance or