Thursday, November 3, 2011

Siri: How to change the voice from male to female on the iPhone 4S

In Australia and the US Siri has a female voice but in the UK Siri has a male voice. Now which male would want that, well there might be a few but not most males. This post will help you fix that problem and ensure that your Siri has a female voice and not a male voice. If you want to go the other way around and give Siri a male voice follow the procedure mentioned below in reverse.

How to change British Siri's voice from male to female.

1. Tap on settings

2. Tap general

3. Clicking on Siri will give you a language menu

4. Change it to Australia or the US

5. Siri will now have a female voice

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  1. If you want Siri to have a male voice change to UK english