Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to add a YouTube video to your site or blog

YouTube being as it is the most popular video destination on the web, means that videos related to just about anything make it to the site. It is therefore important for site and blog owners to know how to embed these videos on their blogs and sites.

There are many uses when these videos are embed on your site posts. If you are a blog or site about mobile phones then if you are writing about the new phone in town and you want your readers to see a video on the same. you can be sure it will be found on YouTube. If you are also a How To site or blog and you need related videos then you can find and embed the same on your site from YouTube.

How to embed a YouTube video on your site or blog.

1. Choose the video you want to embed on your site or blog.

2. Click on share below the video

3. Click on embed

4. Copy the code highlighted in blue and paste in in your website or blog. 

5. You have a lot of options to get the size to fit into your post or page. You can also manually change the height and width. On this blog we use Height = 315 and width = 500. This fits in correctly into our posts and works well for everyone.

6. You're done, please share your thoughts and suggestions below.

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