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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to use Airplay to connect your iPhone's camera live on Apple TV

Now we did not come up with this idea, we will give you the links at the bottom of the post which contain the idea's origin and the blog that pointed us to it. This however is an amazing iPhone 4S trick and works with iOS 5 devices. The basic use of this cool trick is that once you connect the two you can use your iPhone to see stuff that would have otherwise been almost impossible. like the inside of your ear, back of your neck, some hidden place under your bed, a dark corner in the attic. There are a lot of fun tricks and uses for this trick. So once setup you will be able to beam wirelessly images from your phone live to your Apple TV.

To watch live footage from your iPhone on your Apple TV
1. Double click on your device's home-button to enable Airplay mirroring. 
2. Swipe to the right twice ad then select Apple TV as your Airplay destination and enable mirroring
3. Next click home and run the camera App.

All the images your camera sees will now be seen on your TV and you can now point your iPhone 4S anywhere and watch stuff. If you are going to use your phone in a dark place it is advisable to use a flashlight. Watch whatever your camera is recording live on your TV

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