Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siri: How to use

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Siri, the personal voice assistant for the iPhone 4S is not an app and there is no button you need to press to get it started. You would need to however set Siri up to get it working and start your voice interaction with the application. Siri already comes pre-loaded on the phone and ready to use. Siri will need to know your name and what language you speak

How to set up Siri

Go to Settings > General > Siri

From 'My Info' select your name from your contact lists

Next choose your language (English US, English UK, English Australian, French or German)

How to access Siri

You can access Siri either by holding your phone close to your ear or from afar (e.g car dashboard)

Press and hold the home button

Two quick tones and a picture of a microphone on the screen means Siri is ready to hear you speak. If you hold the phone close to your ear you will hear the two quick tones which means Siri is ready.

How to setup your relationships so Siri understands

You can tell Siri to 'Call my wife' when Siri asks you who is your wife, you cna answer and from then on your saved relationships will exist.

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