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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bing Tags How do they work

Bing has something new which has come with this Facebook integration - Bing Tags. Once you login to Bing with your Facebook account and do a self-search. That is earch for your name on Bing. You get your Facebook profile and the ability to tag other pages with your name. You can also tag yourself with other people on Bing. Essentially it is like a small social network that contains all your pages, blogs and websites in one place. So when your Facebook profile comes up in a Bing search you can in addition add or tag your linkedIn profile, Twitter and other social profiles' of yours. This way they say other people searching for you on Bing can be very sure that it's you, they're looking for.

You can also tag your friends and vice versa. So when you're busy adding tags a list of your Facebook friends show up on the right, from here you can choose to tag them and they can do the same to you. Once a friend has tagged you - you will get a notification on your Bing page under the 'Review Tags' section. From here you can choose to either accept or reject tags. Once you find a page you want to tag - simply click the tag me button under the page. You can also untag by clicking on the 'Untag me' button.

Bing TagsWhat are Bing Tags and how does it work
1. Once you tag your pages under your name. Then people searching for you find the real you and the results are not bunched together with other people who share the same name.
2. This feature will only be available to you and your Facebook friends.
3. If you don't want these tags posted to your Facebook Timeline - when giving the app permission use the 'Only Me' option.

Read more about Bing Tags here or Get started here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Google+ Hangouts on Air now have a rewind button

Google+ hangouts on air are a little different from normal Google+ hangouts. Normal hangouts are for friends, colleges and families to have live face-to-face discussions. Hangouts on air however are for live broadcasts to the masses. With hangouts on air any number of viewers can join in, the President of the US has used this functionality thrice. So, Google+ hangouts on air just got a whole let better. Let's say your really engrossed in watching a hangout and suddenly you need to go somewhere for some quick work, maybe need to use the loo. Come back soon after and just hit the rewind button to where you left off. Your hangout will now start playing from the time you left off.

Obama doing a Google+ hangout on AirAll recording from Hangouts On Air will be available on YouTube right after the hangout. So if you missed it, you can see the whole thing on YouTube right-after. Also the quality of video for mobile devices just got better. So if you're on-the-go, you can expect some better quality videos from Google+. If you're conducting a hangout on air - live broadcasts will start without the need to press the refresh button. The grayed out ( start broadcast) button will turn red as soon as the show starts. These are all parts of the new improved Google+ Hangouts on Air announced by Google+.

Source: Google+ update.

YouTubeTrends Map shows you popular videos across different demographics

YouTube has introduced the latest way to see popular videos trending in various places. For now YouTube Trends map is available only across the US, with other regions coming soon. Trends map on YouTube will let you see what videos are popular where. In addition you can also see what videos are popular with teens and what videos are popular with older people. There is also the ability to see which videos are trending with male and female viewers. You will be presently surprised to note that the same videos are not popular with male and female viewers.

YouTube Trends MapYouTube trends map is a result from feedback YouTube received from the YouTube Trends Dashboard. Trends Dashboard is the place you go to when you want to find out which videos are popular and trending across the world. With Trends Dashboard you can select a country and see the most popular and trending videos over there. With Trends map it's taken to a whole new level and broken down by demographics and different locations across the country. So the next time you want to find out what's trending on YouTube - trends map will be the place for you to go. Check out trends map now and let us know your reaction in the comments section below.

Check out YouTube Trends Map here and YouTube Dashboard Here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to use LinkedIn Mentions in Status Updates and Conversations

LinkedIn has a new feature that's been announced. The ability like in Facebook to use Mentions - this would mean that on LinkedIn you can mention your connections in a status updates and you can also mention companies in your updates. So let's say you start a conversation and would like to mention some of your connections. Start by typing their names and a drop-down should appear with all your connections beginning with those letters. Choose the ones you want and get their names added to the conversation.

When you're replying to a status update that has you mentioned you can use the Facebook style @Name to reply to a person or a number of people in the conversation. The feature is being rolled out to all English speaking LinkedIn users over the next few days, and later on to all LinkedIn users. The feature will ensure that there are now threaded conversations on LinkedIn, and have a very Facebook style of conversations. This would definitely be at a huge advantage for LinkedIn, as they seek to become a Social Site with more sharing and more conversation. This was announced via the LinkedIn Blog.

How to use LinkedIn Mentions.Once you add someone as a mention in your status update. They will get a notifications letting them know they have been mentioned in a conversation. This feature will also be available to companies. So when a company has been mentioned, they will get a LinkedIn notifications letting them know that their company has been mentioned.

Source: LinkedIn Blog.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Discover and promote creative content online with

Zealous is a new web app to help your promote and discover art online. With Zealous you can find up and coming videos, art, photography and design content - you can also promote creative content online. It is fast becoming a hub online for people who create stuff to share their creations with the rest of the world. So if you are into music and have a music video you'd like to promote, Zealous offers you this opportunity. The online community is always looking for new songs, videos, art and just about anything creative. If you have something you've created then try and upload your creations.

Whatever you upload has the possibility of being feature on the homepage, and users decide which content is cool and needs to be shown a little love. Once a users clicks the 'Love and Share' button. Content gets the red 'Loved' button and can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. to discovery new talent onlineThe site has a cool and easy design and the makers of the site have dedicated everything to the art and the artist. Therefore the app, as of now has no ads and users get to find new stuff and share with their pals online.

If you have content you'd like to share - you get a person profile and you can also add links to your website and social profiles online. The place is a great hub for content discovery no matter what. Art, design, music, videos and photography. Every artist who has work online needs to use to showcase their style, creativity and design. The site still has some needed improvements and the creators have said it's on the way. So give it whirl and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to use Path Messenger and send Stickers

We have already written about Path (The Social Network on SmartPhones) and how it works. Path have now updated both their iPhone App and the Android app and is now known as Path 3. Path 3 has a huge update - private messaging and stickers. Just like in other social networks like Facebook and Google+ - Path now has instant messaging. You can chat with a friend or a group of friends and along with your chat you can also send stickers, voice message, photos, videos, songs, books and your location.

Path MessengerThis way you can carry on meaningful or fun conversations with a single user or a group of your friends. Stickers have become very popular on the interwebs and sending them is a fun. With Path messaging you can go to the another new function - The Shop. here you can unlock some stickers for free and the others for a fee. Click on any sticker and send them instantly to your friends.

1. How to access the Path Messenger on my Phone
Like on Facebook Messenger - simply swipe to the right or on the top-right button to bring up the Path Private Messenger.

Visit Path on the web here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cannon promises camera that can see in the dark

Cannon have announced a new high-sensitivity 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor which will be used exclusively for video shooting. With the new CMOS censor just a little light is more than enough. An example would be the light that is emitted from an incense stick, the low light of a star etc. This is as legit as it can ever get and you just got to watch the video to believe. When shooting a video, you know how the movie appears when night-vision is turned on. This is nothing like that - some video footage comes out as clear as the light of day. An unbelievable clarity is achieved and the CMOS sensor must belong to the cameras of the future.

Camera that can see in the dark by CannonThis is much better that Cannon's own 5D series know for its ability to record in low-light. The camera once fully developed will first be put to non-consumer use like in surveillance and natural observation. The camera will be able to record in the light without messing with the color at all, like other night-vision cameras. Check the video below to see for yourself.

Source: Cannon

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is Pheed and how does it work

Pheed has in a short while become one of the most popular Apps at the iTunes store. It is totally free to download and use and quickly risen to becoming one of the most popular apps being downloaded. Many uses on Twitter and other social networking sites are already claiming that it's the next big thing. Paris Hilton has also joined Pheed and has already Tweeted congratulating them for becoming the No 1. App in the world. So what's all the fuss about - there are many features that make Pheed a wonderful and powerful App and let us try to break it down for you here.

Pheed - how does it workWhat is Pheed?
Pheed is a social networking App now available at the app store and coming soon to the Google Play store for all you Android users. Once you setup your Pheed people can follow you and you can follow people. Something all Social Networking site users are familiar with

What can I do once I setup and create me Pheed
It gives you a chance to express yourself. As a user you can create and share texts, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice notes and live broadcasts. If you are an artist and would like to share your music or videos with users. You can setup your account to charge a premium for users to download and listen to your creations. This gives musicians a chance to release their music first to the world on Pheed.
How do I promote my posts on Pheed
If you are familiar with Twitter and Google+ - you know what a hashtag is. So you can setup hashtags that match your content. Like #MyNewPheed #MyPhotoPheed etc. You can also tag other people using the @Mentions - kind of like Facebook. In fact Pheed is a little like all the other sites out there. So you get to see features from sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and SoundCloud. You get the whole experience.

Can I join on the web?
Yes - go to and click the Sign up button. As simple as that.

What about privacy
All your content remains yours. Pheed does not claim any right to your cntent. You choose to share whatever you want and delete it whenever you want.

How long can my text updates be?
Kind of like Twitter but you have 420 characters to use.

This is one app that is great for networking and uses will simply not be able to ignore it for too long. The options you have to share are huge and the types af options are great. You can also add a copyright to your Pheeds by clicking a simple button before posting your status updates.

Join Pheed now and see for yourself.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to send Facebook Gifts

So after all the things people have been able to do on Facebook, there is now one more addition. The ability to send real physical gifts to your friends, family and lovers on Facebook. Facebook today announced their new gift services and it is slowly being rolled out to all users. If you do not have the ability to send physical gifts give it a few days and you should get the options on your friends news feeds' or Timelines and birthday reminder on your News Feed. These are gifts you can send that your pals can get at their address and unwrap the gift you send and add some meaning to the relationship. We are sure that many people are going to have fun with this new gifting service and make the most of it. 

How to send a Facebook Gift.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to your friends' Timeline or profile and in the status bar where you would normal type a message, you should find a gift icon.
3. Click on it choose your gift, go through the payment steps.
4. Your friend will be notified and they will have to fill in the shipping address. If they don't like your gift they can exchange it for another gift with similar value.
5. Your friend waits for gift opens it and is very happy.

Do I have to pay as soon as i purchase a gift?
You do not need to pay until your friend excepts the gift

Is there a place on Facebook where I can learn more about gifts
The gifts section has a home on Facebook and can be found a

Where do I find the gifts tab on Facebook

You can find it on your friends Timeline or on the Birthday reminders on your News Feed.
Source: Facebook News

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nextdoor Social Network: How does it work

Nextdoor social networking site

Nextdoor is a Social Network that is meant for neighborhoods and people living close by. In a way bringing your neighborhood online and creating awareness among communities. Also a place if you would like to get to know your neighbors a little more and start sharing. Provided of-course that they are already there on Nextdoor. The social network also says that they've been inspired by the early days of Facebook and to join you would need to enter your real name and your real address. Once you have entered this information you will get a postcard to verify that it is you at this address. A call to your landline phone number. Credit card verification or reference from an already verified neighbor. These are the four methods that Nextdoor uses to verify that you indeed live in that neighborhood. 

Nexdoor: How it works
1. Head over to Nextdoor and you will be asked to enter information like your email ID, street address, city, state and Zipcode to see if your neighborhood is already listed.
2. If you neighborhood is already listed you would need to enter any of the four methods mentioned above to prove your existence in that neighborhood. 
3. If your neighborhood is not listed you can send the site a message asking them to add your neighborhood.
4. Once setup you will need to create a profile and introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know a little bit about you.
5. Now that you have joined other neighbors online you can view your news feed, maps and recommendations. All the things you must be familiar with if you are used to using Facebook, Google+ and Twiitter.

You can also draw your neighborhood on top of a Google map. Each neighborhood online might consist of 50 to 2000 members. Kind of safe and sound and considering you know the person's real name and where he or she lives might actually lower the risk of spam and other problems usually associated with larger social networks like Facebook etc. Will it take-off, let us know in the comments section below. Currently available in the US only.

The video introduction to Nextdoor - check it out to learn more.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CircleMe gets 'Plant Guides' to help you discover more

CircleMe the iPhone app people use to plant virtual plants in locations they like now gets an added feature 'Plant Guides'. The way to plant on the app is that once you find something you link you can leave a virtual plant for other users to find and water. By water we mean add stuff to and help it grow. So users can plant a movie, a song, an actor whatever you can think of. These plants are left with messages that other users can then pickup and enjoy. So when you go to a new place you can check out all the plants and see what other people are saying about them and other fascinating facts left by other users. This ability to geo-tag locations and share with everyone or only people form your trusted network is an opportunity to discover new places whenever you walk by.

Plant Guides - the newest feature from the app are plant guides provided by select partners. These selected partners will curate and display plant guides that are really interesting and worth discovering. The first partnership is with Cibando  - The Cibando Plant Guide. Offering plant guides to the tastiest places to eat in Italy. So if you're roaming around in Italy and not sure where to have lunch, check out this plant guide. There are two other partners that offer plant guides - 1. The Art-masterpieces Collection and 2. The Boutique Plant Guide. The former offering the most famous works of art to be found around the world and the latter a guide to some of the most famous boutiques around the world.

How to find 'Plant Guides' in CircleMe's iPhone app.
1. From the menu button navigate to 'Brand new plants page'.
2. beside 'Near You' it the 'Plants Guides button' - click it to see the three new guides.

CircleMe for iPhone and iPad. Check out their blog to learn more.

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How to import all your Pinterest pins and boards to LoveIt

Loveit at first glance looks a lot like Pinterest. Almost like a replica and doing almost the same thing with a few key differences. Loveit has private collections that you can share only with friends and families. Which means if you want to work on a private collection for business, you can use Loveit to do just that.   The content importer toll also has an algorithm to correctly identify the pictures original source. So if you run a website or blog that has a lot of pictures that people would like to share, the originial source content is identified and credited. The rest of it is just like Pinterest and therefore loads of fun for people who like to share and find beautiful pictures and images on the internet. Loveit also has the ability to import all your Pinterest pins and boards with just a few steps. This post will detail these steps to help you have all your great content on both the sites.
How to move all your pins and boards from Pinterest to Loveit

How to import, move or bring all your Pinterest pins and Boards to LoveIt.
1. Log in to LoveIt
2. Login to Pinterest
3. On Pinterest click on the arrow beside you name and either choose pins or boards. You are now on the page tah contains all your pins or boards.
4. Now click on the Loveit button in your borswer bar.
5. A message is displayed - We notice that you are on your Pinterest profile. Would you like to import your images to LoveIt?
6. You can now choose to import all your collection or just a few.
7. Confirm 'Import' and you're done.

All pins and boards are imported as-is and nothing is changed. Your collections still remain on Pinterest. You can now reorganize your collections on Loveit and make some or all of them private.

LoveIt - check it out now.

Visuals in the video below

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to setup geotagging on your Instagram Photo Map

Instagram have updated their iOS and Android apps. One of the main features being touted about the new and updated version of the app is the ability to add geolocation to your photos. This helps in better discovery of your photos and when people visit your 'Photo Map'. Photo Map will display all the photos yo have added to your map by visiting the different places of your map. You might not want to add all your photos to the Photo Map and so there is the easy ability to select or deselect which photos you do not want appearing on the map. So only photos you are comfortable with can be added to the map. Instagram has more than 80 million users and many of who would not mind adding a location feature to their photos. This gives people who are viewing photos a better idea of there they have been taken. This tool can also be used to discover new places and locations. You can also use it to find beautiful places for your next vacation.

Instagram Photo Map - geotagging instagram photos

Instagram Photo Map: How does it work

How to setup and get Photo Map on Instagram
You will need the latest version of Instagram 3.0 for your iPhone or iPad and is available here. Android users can get Instagram 3.0 here from the Google Play store. Once installed you will see the new tab - photo map. Once you tap and navigate there you will see photos you have geotaged in the past grouped together with location. 

How to add or remove photos to set up your Photo Map
Using Photo Map for the first time you will see all photos grouped together with geolocation that you might have added in the past. From here you can tap on any image which have the green tick mark to deselect the photo or just let it be and it is kept on your Photo Map. You will need to review all the photos and once your satisfied you can tap done to create your map.

How to edit Photo Map
You will always have the ability to remove or add photos to your photo map in Instagram. Simply navigate to your photo map and click the 'edit' button that appears in the upper right corner. 

How to view your friends' Photo Maps
Navigate to your friends profile and click on 'Photo Map' - now you can navigate to all the places they have been to. To view photos grouped together tap on the stack and tap once more to view the photos on a grid. 

How to add photos to Photo Map while uploading
While posting in the future make sure 'Add to Photo Map' is turned on. You can also add location and than click share to share with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want the visuals please check the video  below.

RealPlayer for Android now available

RealPlayer for Android App
A screenshot of the App

RealPlayer the music player for desktop PCs that we have been familiar with but no more regarded as one of the premier media players on the internet - have decided to do something about it. They have targeted mobile devices and plan to once more reclaim the title of premier music player on mobile devices, SmartPhones and Tablets. There have been a huge features announcement and the app which till now was in Beta, is now ready for download as a full-fledged app. To start with the app is multilingual and supports 9 languages; supports multiple file formats, play music and videos and can be used to browse photos.

Among the other features that are available are voice commands for search, sharing on your favorite social media sites. You can also move the app to your SD card. You can also use the app without unlocking your screen - for easy playing of all your music and video files. The app also promises a fine tuned graphic equalizer which allows you to fine-tune the output sound of the music you're listening to. Another important feature to note is that the developers of the app promise no ad - that's right no advertisements to be show in the app. RealPlayer promises a totally new experience to handle all your media files on your mobile device. Android users can download the app now at the Google Play store. 
Download RealPlayer for Android now

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How does Google Play work

Google Play the new service from Google has gone live today. The service is being rolled out in a phased manner and will be available to everyone across the world soon. So what will you be able to do with Google Play. Google Play will work as a central hub for all your Apps, Movies, Music, eBooks and Games.

How does Google Play work

Buy or install anyone of these and it is immediately available on all your devices and on the web with no syncing required. So get yourself a new eBook and start reading on your reader and later pick up from where you left-off on the web. Start watching a movie on the small-screen and later move to your flat-screen device. So when you install a new game or app on one device it will then become available on all your devices and on the web. So Google Play becomes the new name for the place where you can view all your media.

This is not something new as Google's Android Market, Music, Movies and eBooks already enjoy this functionality. Google Play however will become the new home to find all your media which you can then access from your phone, tablet, pc or just about any other device.
Google Play
Google Play FAQ

Sunday, February 19, 2012

YardShare to find free landscaping and garden ideas from homeowners and companies

Source: YardShare idea

If your thoughts turn towards gardening and yards and you spend a lot of time thinking about your garden, you might want to check out YardShare. The social network for people who like landscaping and gardening. You can use the network to find some fantastic ides for your front yard, side yard and backyard. These ideas are shared by fellow gardeners and landscape artists and companies. If you often wonder where to find free landscaping ideas then this is a place you will find very helpful and useful.

YardShare: how does it work

You can login with your Facebook or Twitter account to get started. Once you in you can create your own yard and post pictures of your yard for other users to see. You can also browse yards or check some out by experts. Landscaping ideas from companies and professionals. You can send messages to other yard owners and get a conversation going. There are also a lot of contests you can enter. 

Creating a garden has always been the past time of countless civilizations and each different culture has had different styles and shapes of gardens they have liked. It's something that gives people a lot of peace and countless hours of satisfaction. So if gardening and landscaping is your thing, join the social network, to meet other people with the same interests, get free landscaping ideas and network with landscaping artists and companies.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update to Chrome 17 to enjoy faster web browsing and added security

This is really happening fast two months after the release of Chrome 16 comes the release of Chrome 17, just a month after being launched in Beta and a day after the launch of Chrome for Android. There are actually two features that Google says is what makes the latest version a must have for faster, quicker and safer browsing. The way Chrome 17 loads faster is through something called 'Prerendering' what this means simply is that as you are typing an address in the omnibox, chrome will start actually loading pages for the site you are about to visit and so when you click enter it will seem as though the site is there already. This will make it look like the page or website has loaded instantly. Reducing the time from the moment you click enter and the time it takes to open the website. 

The second feature is the added security. Google explains this in very simply terms - they have a whitelist based on files that are know to come from various publishers across the internet. So if you are about to download a .exe or .msi file; there are executable files, Chrome will check the history of known publishers and help save your system by warning of an potentially dangerous download. This is based on known issues from publishers across the web. Chrome can also warn you of Phishing attacks and harmful download based on its vast knowledge-base. You will get a huge red page that helps you get back to safety.

How to download Chrome 17
1. From your Chrome Browser click on the wrench icon
2. Click on 'About Google Chrome'
3. It should start updating instantly or you can click on update now
If you do not have Chrome installed you can download it right now
Source: Chrome Blog, if you want the tech aspects you can go here.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Use MeetingBurner to host a free Video Conference or Webinar online with no Downloads required

MeetingBurner has just launched and it boasts some super capabilities like the ability to signup for free and conduct an online conference or meeting for free with speeds up to 5x faster than other solutions. The service is free for up to 15 participants and if you need to invite more people you can opt for MeetingBurner pro ($39.95/month) and if you need over 1000 participants you can signup for MeetingBurner Premier ($99.00/mo).

So if you are a small company and you need to setup a free video conference then this is a solution for you. You can signup for a free account and get going right away. The service also has some nice features like the ability to record your meeting and then upload it to YouTube. It is also very simple to use, participants can join with just one click. There is also no heavy software to be downloaded to get started, it is all done online. All you need to do is to access the site and start your meeting.

Works very good for people who need to conduct Webinars, so whatever be your business, maybe you conduct  training online and you also charge participants. There is a easy paypal integration to charge attendees. Works well for people who need to conduct online training and webinars. With no cost to you, all online meetings and training can be conducted for free. Keep the participants numbers to 15 or below. So you can have phone bridges, Skype and Paypal all working in perfect harmony. 

This service is also add free and therefore you do not have the headache a viewing ads that might pop-up while the meeting is in progress. There is also an iPhone app available so you can attend on the go. Check the service out and do leave a comment with what you think about it.

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What is Google's Solve for X program and how does it work

Google has launched a new web app in called Solve for X with a corresponding Google+ page. The program has been launched in effect to create Technology Moonshots. For people to come together and collaborate on issues effecting the world on a Global scale. In effect the program seeks to tackle and address world problems using Technology. It encourages people to come up with solutions and spread the word. The program wants to be radically different and collaborative in its effort and help bring solutions to global problems using Tech. Not only Tech but radically different ideas and ways, that might work. The amazing thing about this program is that there will be live events for you to attend and there is a forums for discussion on their G+ page. If you have an idea that will be a moonshot, meaning so good like going to the moon, you can create a video with you talking about it and post a link to it on the Google+ page. Once on that page selected talks and video recordings that will make a difference and make people think at least will be featured on Sole For X. 

Visiting Solve for will give you keen insight into some of the things top brains are thinking about and how world ideas are slowly being crystallized. There are quiet a few good speakers already on Solve for . You can also add the Solve for X G+ page to your circles to keep up with all that is happening on the forums. A good place for your grey cells to rest and get a few good ideas. If you have been that person who has always had a idea that has promise and need a platform to share your thoughts. This is the right place for you. 
Solve For X on the web
Solve for X Google+ page

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Monday, February 6, 2012

QRHacker lets you create personalized QR codes by adding colors, images and logos

QRHacker is a fun QR code generator, using this web app you can personalize your QR codes and have fun. You can even pay around with the colors and embed images into your QR code. When you first start generating your code you can choose to add some text, link to a URL, phone number and Vcard. Once you have done that it is time to get started. Forget black and white QR codes that look like a maze of jumbled parts. These QR codes can be fun, you can add your Logo or embed an image into the code and generate a QR code your for App, Website, Product or blog that looks totally different. Developed by  a small Hungarian-based team called Carnation Group

Once you fill in all the details you can then start adding colors to your QR code and you can even edit the same pixel by pixel, You can also edit each pixel individually. You can add background and foreground colors and upload an image to embed or add your logo. Once completed you have a nice colorful and creative QR code which you can use. Please check the image to get a better idea.

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