Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Use MeetingBurner to host a free Video Conference or Webinar online with no Downloads required

MeetingBurner has just launched and it boasts some super capabilities like the ability to signup for free and conduct an online conference or meeting for free with speeds up to 5x faster than other solutions. The service is free for up to 15 participants and if you need to invite more people you can opt for MeetingBurner pro ($39.95/month) and if you need over 1000 participants you can signup for MeetingBurner Premier ($99.00/mo).

So if you are a small company and you need to setup a free video conference then this is a solution for you. You can signup for a free account and get going right away. The service also has some nice features like the ability to record your meeting and then upload it to YouTube. It is also very simple to use, participants can join with just one click. There is also no heavy software to be downloaded to get started, it is all done online. All you need to do is to access the site and start your meeting.

Works very good for people who need to conduct Webinars, so whatever be your business, maybe you conduct  training online and you also charge participants. There is a easy paypal integration to charge attendees. Works well for people who need to conduct online training and webinars. With no cost to you, all online meetings and training can be conducted for free. Keep the participants numbers to 15 or below. So you can have phone bridges, Skype and Paypal all working in perfect harmony. 

This service is also add free and therefore you do not have the headache a viewing ads that might pop-up while the meeting is in progress. There is also an iPhone app available so you can attend on the go. Check the service out and do leave a comment with what you think about it.

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  1. Pretty interesting service offered for free. A great opportunity for webinar hosts.