Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday, Google celebrates with a Doodle and the British Council with a read-a-thon

Google Doodle for Dickens' Birthday

Its Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday and people all around the world take time to remember his novels and the nostalgia it brings of school days and having to finish writing projects based on his novels. who can forget 'Oliver Twist' and David Copperfield the artful dodger, Ebeneezer Scrooge in 'The Christmas Carol'. in celebration of his birthday Google has a new Doodle out which brings to light various characters from his tales. 

Twitter also has everyone saying 'Happy Birthday Charles Dickens' and 'Charles Dickens' is on the trending topics. The British Council is responsible for the trending topic 'Happy Birthday Charles Dickens' and has a link to their site on which the read-a-thon is being conducted.  24 countries will read an extract from one of his books. There will be mash-ups happening all around the world and you can follow the British Council's Twitter feed to listen to all these readings happening around the world. A true global author. 
British Council Twitter Feed
British Council Dickens' event on the net

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