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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Charlie Sheen's Desperate Plea to Elon Musk Goes Viral - You Won't Believe What He's Begging For!

 Twitter has recently changed its verification system, requiring users to pay a monthly fee of $8 to subscribe to its 'Twitter Blue' service if they want to keep or get their blue tick badges. This decision has sparked controversy and backlash from many users, especially celebrities who have lost their verified status.

One of them is American actor Charlie Sheen, who is known for his roles in films such as Platoon, Wall Street, and The Three Musketeers, and TV shows such as Spin City and Two and a Half Men. Sheen has been vocal about his displeasure with the new policy, and has repeatedly asked Twitter CEO Elon Musk to restore his blue check.

On Saturday, Sheen tweeted a sarcastic message to Musk, saying "I'm sorry your fancy rocket exploded in spectacular fashion. I'm certain you'll build an even bigger and more explody one. Now, may I please have my blue check back? It would mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance."

He was referring to the recent failure of SpaceX's Starship SN11 prototype, which exploded during a high-altitude test flight.

Musk, who is also known for his witty and sometimes controversial tweets, replied to Sheen with a simple "I feel your pain". It is unclear whether Musk was being sincere or sarcastic, or whether he intends to do anything about Sheen's request.

Sheen is not the only celebrity who has lost his blue tick due to the new policy. Other notable names include singer Mariah Carey, rapper Snoop Dogg, actress Jennifer Aniston, and comedian Kevin Hart. Some of them have expressed their frustration and confusion on social media, while others have opted to ignore the change or embrace it.

Twitter has defended its decision to introduce 'Twitter Blue', saying that it is a way to offer users more features and benefits, such as undo tweet, bookmark folders, reader mode, and dedicated customer support. It also said that it will continue to verify accounts that meet its criteria for authenticity, notability, and activity.

However, many users have criticized Twitter for being greedy and unfair, arguing that verification should not be based on money, but on merit and public interest. They have also questioned the value and quality of the 'Twitter Blue' features, saying that they are not worth paying for or already available elsewhere.

What do you think of Twitter's new verification system? Do you think Charlie Sheen deserves his blue tick back? Let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Create your own #FollowMe Twitter video via Vizify

There are many reasons why people follow you on Twitter. Now is your chance to show the world why people follow you. The kind of Twitter profile you run and maintain and your best Tweets. Twitter along with Vizify have launched a new service and it's called #FollowMe. The campaign is powered by Vizify the Portland based startup. Twitter and Vizify first teamed up a year ago for the 'Year on Twitter project' - this is the fruition of that project. You can now create a video that's based on your top twwwets, interactions, pics and the time of day you tend to Tweet. You can choose music from over a million licensed tracks and get your very own Twitter profile video up and running.

Twitter #FollowMe highlight reel video#FollowMe project hops to capture your unique tweeting style and showcase it as a highlight reel. The video once created will showcase your top tweet, pics, Vines and followers - the ones you've interacted with the most. It is a fun little web-app that brings out who you are on Twitter. Please once your video is ready you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all your other favorite social networks. The big boys like Kobe Bryant have also jumped on the bandwagon and built their own #FollowMe videos.


Once you video has been created on Vizify - you can play around with it and add more music, pics, tweets and followers. Try it out now to get a fell of the highlight reel. Share with your friends as it is quite good.

Try it out now @

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to shoot a Vine video with the front-facing camera

Right, the time has finally arrived. You can now shoot a Vine video with your front-facing camera - you know what that means  A lot of Vine videos out there are going to be embarrassing, because people will shoot self videos and you know what happens after that. There is also another improvement to Vine - you can now use @mentions in your posts. If you still haven't head about Vine the micro-video app form Twitter - you can check out our other posts about it here. Vine let's you shoot a looped video that looks like a GIF on steroids and these can be shared with your friends. Vine has become very popular and for good reason. With the new feature - the ability to shoot self-videos using the front facing camera - expect a lot of fun videos to start appearing on Twitter.

shoot vine videos with front-facing cameraHow to turn on, enable the front-facing camera in Vine
1. When creating a post
2. tap the button at the bottom left-hand corner to try the front-facing camera
3. use the same button to switch between your front-facing camera and regular camera as many times as you want.

How to use @ mentions using Vine
@ mentions will help you tag people and friends in your Vine posts. To get started with @mentions and add people to your posts you would need to type @username. As you do this, their usernames will start appearing - click on the username you want and they get tagged and added to your posts. They will also receive a notifications mentioning that you have added them to your Vine post.

Read more at the Vine blog.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is feels like to be followed by a real life Twitter bird [Video]

Yeah, all of us like to be followed on Twitter. Twitter has a birdie that tweets and keeps the song going. What happens however if you find the Twitter Bird following you in real life. Like in the super-market or railway station. Maybe even being followed to your home. French prankster RĂ©mi Gaillard is one such person who decided to try out this experiment and find out people's reactions in real life on discovering they are being followed by the Twitter bird. So check the video below and let us know in the comments section below what you think - fail or win.

real life twitter bird prank

Monday, April 1, 2013

Twitter to start charging for 'AEIOU' 'Y' will still be free

Twitter announced a new service - well actually the original name of Twitter was twttr. Twttr will be launched again and this time they will be charging $5 if you would like to use vowels. Y however will still be free to use. This is going to be called a two-tiered service. if you want full use of the site you would need to pony up $5, if not use the service without the vowels. Twitter says that by doing this will be actually be enhancing the service and provide a more efficient site. Youngsters already omit a lot of the vowels and so.... it makes sense.

Twitter's most famous TweetPlease see a mockup of the most Retweeted Tweet in Twitter history and how it appears without the the of 'AEIOU". Twttr will be rolling out shortly and initially to a small percentage of users - 10% to be exact. Now before you start feeling all depressed consider that you have only 140 characters to play around with. Now with vowels gone you will have more room and more space and your tweets will now look prettier. if you would like to be a beta tester for the new service here's your chance. Might as well get used to it before you're forced to do so.

Please click Twttr to start using the new service. The original blog-post by Twitter here.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twitter now shows a summary of your Tweets from the time you joined

Twitter now showing your most important tweets from the time you joined. Anyone who has ever used Twitter is aware that up until now whenever you search for your own Tweets. You see results from only the past week. In general searches on Twitter older Tweets were never shown. If you wanted to see all your past Tweets and activity you had to click the 'Me' icon on Twitter. This would show you and only you all your past tweets and Retweets etc. Now when someone searches for a particular username on Twitter. They get to see a whole list of Tweets that go as far back as the time the person actually joined Twitter and started Tweeting. You need to review your Tweets and remove some of them if they are not relevant anymore. Maybe they should not be seen at all -- we all know those Tweets, the ones that might have been sent out after a night out at town.

Find tweets from the beginning of TimeHow to search for old Tweets more than a week old
1. Login with your Twitter account
2. use your username in the search bar on Twitter
3. See all your Tweets or rather a summary of your most important Tweets from the time you joined.

Should I review all these Tweets
It is advisable to review these Tweets as you might have joined a while back and some tweets you thought might be hidden are now in full public view.

What to do with Tweets I don't like
Delete them. Hover with your mouse below the Tweet you want to remove and click the 'Delete' button - trash can icon. Read more at the Twitter announcement of the same. On testing we discovered that tweets being displayed go all the way back to the time you joined.

Monday, February 4, 2013

How to delete a direct message (DM) on Twitter

There are many reasons why people want to delete a Direct Message sent on Twitter. Maybe you sent a message after a long night out and now you want to unsend it. Maybe you were angry when you sent the message and have now cooled down enough to make amends. Whatever might be the reason to cancel the direct message, there is good news for you. Once a DM is deleted on Twitter it is removed from your your inbox as well as the recipients inbox. This means there will be no trace of it once you're done deleting the DM. Unlike other services that allow deletion but the mail stays in the recipients inbox. Twitter will delete the message your both parties' mail boxes. So if you sent the DM that you so badly want to delete, go ahead and do so and hopefully the person you sent it to has still not yet seen it.

How to delete a direct message DM on TwitterHow to delete or unsend a Direct Message on Twitter
1. login to Twitter
2. Click on the gear icon and then select direct messages
3. Find the message you want to delete and click on it
4. in expanded mode when you mouse over or hover over the message either to the right or left a 'Trash Can' icon should appear
5. Click on it and you're done

You DM or Direct message is no more visible on Twitter. It gets wiped out of your inbox and the recipients inbox. There is no record of it and is gone forever.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to block someone on Twitter

We have already written about what happens when you block someone on Twitter. Blocking someone who is annoying you on Twitter is something simple and easy to do in just a few steps. There may be many reasons as to what you want to block someone on Twitter. Some people like to block their parents, teachers and other people. Twitter is a public forum and you need to remember that whatever is shared publicly is saved and visible to just about anyone. Keeping that in mind let's jump straight to it and find out how to go about blocking someone on Twitter.

How to block someone on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter.
How to block someone on Twitter2. Click on the username of the person you want to block.
3. Click on the person icon and from the drop-down choose 'Block @ Username'
Block on Twitter Confirmed4. The Follow button beside the people icon now changes to 'Blocked' to indicate that the person has been blocked.

How to unblock someone on Twitter
1. Follow the same steps above.
2. When you get to the person's profile from the drop-down choose 'Unblock'

This will unblock the person and you can start following that person again.

Friday, February 1, 2013

How to get high resolution images for your Twitter Header or Cover Photo

If you have a Twitter you know there is place for a nice photo of yours and a header image. The header image on Twitter is also being called a cover image. Yes, you can thank Facebook for that. Facebook has a cover image that spans your profile page and not long after Twitter decided to have their own. Twitter however called this a header image and not a cover image. The internet however still likes to call it 'Cover Image' anyway. There are a lot of options out there to get yourself a good cover or header image. TwitrCovers however have some of the best high-resolution images out there. Just head over to the app and find some really cool pics. Hover over any of these pics and see how your picture looks in the middle of it.

high resolution images for your Twitter header or cover imageTwitrcover: How does it work
1. Head over to TwitrCovers.
2. Use the categories to search for an image or just use one of the cover images on the front page.
3. Hover over the image you want to use and click on it.
4. Below the image you will find a link that says 'Set this as your Twitter cover'. There is also a link to use it as your Twitter background.
5. Select set 'As Twitter Cover' and then you signin to Twitter and authorize the app to access your Twitter account.
6. Set your cover image. You can also do the same and choose a background image for your profile

TwitCovers Once you're done your Twitter profile, will have a whole new lookand feel with the redesign.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to find Vine videos on Twitter

Vine is the latest App from Twitter that has made a splash as a mico-video tool. We have already written about Vine and how it can be used to shoot and share 6 second videos on Twitter. with Vine you have 6 seconds to shoot a video, which then plays in loop - these videos can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. People are really having fun with this new app and there are now lots of vine videos now appearing on Twitter. These videos are fun and can be quite addictive. Being shot by just everyday people gives it a personalized touch and is something people can relate to. You can find and surf all of these videos videos on Twitter -- maybe even follow some of the more creative and cleaver video makers. Vine is a free videos shooting and broadcasting tool which is growing in popularity.

Vine Twitter App LogoHow to search for all Vine videos being shared on Twitter.
1. Login to Twitter
2. In the search bar type ''
3. All the videos being shared by Vine users will appear in real-time
4. You can now surf and find some really cool videos.

You can also view the latest 20 vine videos shared on Twitter by going to

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vine the mico-video App by Twitter has been launched

Twitter the micro-blogging network have just launched their micro-video app in the iStore. With the new Vine app from Twitter you can shoot and record videos and then share it on Twitter and Facebook. You however have one 6 seconds to get the job done. 140 characters was enough to make Twitter one of the hottest internet destinations. Since each Tweet cannot contain more that 140 characters. If that logic was good enough for words then 6 seconds is good enough for video. Currently only available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), it should be made available to Android users pretty soon.

Vine App by TwitterVine: How does it work
Once you record a video using Vine it looks more like an animated GIF rather than a video. These short videos can be attached to your Tweets and sent out to your Twitter Followers.

1. Go to the App and install it on your device
2. Once installed you will need to sign-in with your Twitter account or via email.
3. Hit the video camera button and press down on the view finder to start recording
4. Release your finger and the recording stops.
5. You now have the option to share your video via a Tweet or on Facebook.

Vine App by Twitter


Monday, January 21, 2013

How to find out what's trending on Facebook and Twitter using NewsWhip

There are always stories from news sources that are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Some of these stories go viral and start trending. Stories that start trending are the ones that receive the most likes and comments. There are those articles that your friends must be aware about and you might not have heard of the same. If you would like to know what articles are trending on Facebook and Twitter - web app NewsWhip seeks to enlighten you.

NewsWhipArticles from the news that gains traction on Facebook and its 1 billion users become very popular, and you end up reading about it in other news outlets. You don't have to be that person who gets left out. Periodically check NewsWhip or better still install their iOS App. This way on your iPhone or iPad you get the latest trending stories from Facebook and Twitter. Stories spread fast on Facebook and Twitter and NewsWhip will help you stay updated, with the latest trending topics and news stories from Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter  Articles that come to the top are the ones with the most likes, comments and retweets. Using these as analytical tools the latest news and current articles are brought to you.

NewsWhip on the web, NewsWhip iOS App.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Male lies and Female lies trending on Twitter

Men and Women in a relationship tend to tell lies. Men have their own version of what lies women tell and women have the same. Each of the genders in a relationship tend to hear the same kind of lies told to them every now and them. Some are quiet cliched and something most people identify with. #MaleLies and #FemaleLies is now treeing on Twitter. There are many funny Tweets being sent and no wonder these topics are now trending on the top of the Worldwide topics trend list. These trends are nice to follow, especially if you have a a relationship, the relationship brings out the best in people. So if you want to read lies women tell or lies men tell these are two topics to check out on Twitter today. There are many reasons when men lie to women and why women lie to men. In hind sight it can be quite funny and provide a lot of entertainment. Just like these two trending topics on twitter are doing right now.

Male and Female LiesTop Tweet for Male Lies

Top Tweet for Female Lies

Random funny Tweet about male and female lies

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What happens when you favorite a Tweet

Twitter offers the ability to favorite a tweet when you find one you like. Once you Favorited a Tweet a yellow gold star shows up on the right-hand-top corner of the Tweet. All your Favorited Tweets are stored on Twitter and you can find then anytime you like by clicking on the 'Me' icon and then on 'Favorites'. So what happens when you favorite a tweet. Once you click on the Favorite link found below a Tweet and gold star shows up on the right-hand corner of the Tweet. The person who sent the tweet out originally gets a message that their tweet has been Favorited -- if they have the settings set to receive a notification every time one of their Tweets are Favorited. Your followers see that you have Favorited a tweet since the Tweet is out there with the gold star on it. Please find below a few useful Q&A's that you might find helpful.

what happens when i mark a tweet as favorite.How to Favorite a Tweet
1. Whenever you find a Tweet you like, mouse over or hover over the bottom of the tweet. The option to Favorite that tweet pops up.
2. Click on it and you're done.

Where do I find a list of all the Tweets I've Favorited.
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on the 'Me' icon
3. Click on Favorites
All the Tweets you have ever Favorited will show up there.

What happens once I favorite a Tweet
1. It shows up in your Twitter stream
2. The tweet carries the message that it has been Favorited as it is marked with a golden star
3. Other users on Twitter give it importance since it has been Favorited.
4. The word favorite below the Tweet is changed to Favorited.

Can I favorite a someone's tweet whom I'm not following
Yes, you can favorite any Tweet that is publicly visible on Twitter.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to get Instagram photos back in your Twitter feed

Instagram have completely removed support for Twitter Cards and therefore users cannot share Instagram photos on Twitter. Only a link gets shared and no photo. If you are one of those people who's used to seeing those nice Instagram photos in your Twitter feed or Mobile Interface. That ability is gone and Twitter on the other hand have released their own photo-sharing with filter effects feature. If however you still want to be able to view Instagram photos on Twitter there is a Chrome Extension for that. With the extension you will be able to view photos in your Twitter stream and users Photo Galleries.

Instatwit to get back instagram photos to TwitterHow to view Instagram photos on Twitter
You will need to download and install the InstaTwit Chrome Extension on your device.
Once installed on your device all you need to do is to refresh your Twitter page and all the Instagram photos are visible.

So all those Instagram photos and user galleries become visible and users have the ability to view all of this right from within Twitter.

InstaTwit Chrome Extension

Twitter Photo Filters: How to apply and use

Last week Instagram pulled Twitter cards support from its App, which means that users who take a photo and share the same on Twitter. Will only be able to share a link and not the photo as users are used to. So sharing a photo with Twitter followers will not share the photo but a link to the photo. Followers will need to click on the link to view the image. Twitter on the other hand have released their own Instagram type of photo-sharing program which allows you to add filters to your photos before sharing on Twitter. The enhancement a product of Aviary -- brings to you the classy filters, Instagram users are used to. There are 8 photo filters and effects for you to use on your photos -- ranging from black & white to vintage. You can make use of these filters and effects to create stunning images and share with your buddies on Twitter.

Twitter Photo Filters how to edit and useHow to use Twitter's Photo Editor and add filters to Twitter images
1. You will need to Twitter App for iOS and Android -- since the app is Mobile based it can be used only on your iPhone. iPad and Android devices.
2. To start after composing your Tweet click on the camera icon
3. Click on choose from library to browse your photos and choose the one you want to use.
4. Use the wand like icon to enhance your image automatically.
5. use the crop icon to crop your photo
6. Clicking the 3 circles icon allows you to choose a filter for your photo.
7. Tap images to view up-close or simply swipe to try another image.
8. Click 'Done' when you're finished and Tweet to share the photo.

All your photos you add to Twitter will show up on your Twitter Timeline. Your followers can then click on them and view the entire list of photos you're shared on Twitter.
Source to learn more: Twitter Blog and you can read Aviary's post on the new feature here.

Monday, December 3, 2012

How to email a Tweet from Twitter

The previously announced feature is now live on Twitter - the ability to email a Tweet. It is a simple and easy to use feature and now Tweets can be emailed to people who are not Twitter users. There might be many uses for such a feature. Maybe it's a news update that's appeared first on Twitter and can now be emailed to your friends. Maybe you're following an event on Twitter and would like to email some of the Tweets to friends who live in a part of the world that denies Twitter access. Whatever maybe the reason to use the service this nifty new feature is now live and ready for use.

How to email a Tweet from Twitter

 email Twitter Tweets

1. Login to Twitter

2. Below the Tweet you want to email click or tap on the 'More' button.

3. The option to email Tweet pops up.

4. Click on it, enter recipients email addresses and you can also add a comment.

5. Click send email and you're done.

Please check the video below for visuals


Sunday, November 18, 2012

How many more days will #ThingsGirlsSayAlot stay on Twitter's Trending Topics

We are all familiar with Trending topics whether local to your countyr or on the worldwide trending topics list. A topic erupts stays for a few hours, maybe less than hour and somehow dies down. But every now and then we get a topics that trends on the worldwide trending topics list for more than a few days. The topic #ThingsGirlsSayAlot is now trending for at-least 3 days. It is always on the trending topics worldwide and moves arounf from being in the number 2 spot to somewhere down below but never seems to disappear. Watching this topic is enormous fun as it keeps getting its interest renewed. The current tweets that has been retweeted more than 7000 times is #ThingsGirlsSayAlot I'm ok or dont worry about it, #WhatItReallyMeans is be here for me, fight for me, kiss me & tell me its going be fine.

Here are a few more Tweets of interest related to #ThingsGirlsSayAlot
things that girls say

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Whoops, you already said that" Twitter Error

"Whoops, you already said that", if you see this message after you post a tweet, this is what it means. You have already posted a tweet with the exact same words. This is something that is not allowed on Twitter for the simple reason - it could be spam. Since many spammers and bots online tend to post the same message over and over. Twitter in their efforts to protect their uses does not allow the same person to post the same message twice. The same massage can be posted by other people but not the same user. The same message can be posted by different users and a good example would be people tweeting a blog or a website post that they found useful. This is a Twitter error creating status report and can be corrected easily.
Twitter error creating statusWhat to do if you see the "Whoops, you already said that" error on Twitter?

Not a big problem all you need to do to continue posting that tweet would be to change the words. Changing even one word will mean that the tweet can be posted. So to avoid that error don't post tweets with the exact same words and you should be fine.