Monday, December 10, 2012

Twitter Photo Filters: How to apply and use

Last week Instagram pulled Twitter cards support from its App, which means that users who take a photo and share the same on Twitter. Will only be able to share a link and not the photo as users are used to. So sharing a photo with Twitter followers will not share the photo but a link to the photo. Followers will need to click on the link to view the image. Twitter on the other hand have released their own Instagram type of photo-sharing program which allows you to add filters to your photos before sharing on Twitter. The enhancement a product of Aviary -- brings to you the classy filters, Instagram users are used to. There are 8 photo filters and effects for you to use on your photos -- ranging from black & white to vintage. You can make use of these filters and effects to create stunning images and share with your buddies on Twitter.

Twitter Photo Filters how to edit and useHow to use Twitter's Photo Editor and add filters to Twitter images
1. You will need to Twitter App for iOS and Android -- since the app is Mobile based it can be used only on your iPhone. iPad and Android devices.
2. To start after composing your Tweet click on the camera icon
3. Click on choose from library to browse your photos and choose the one you want to use.
4. Use the wand like icon to enhance your image automatically.
5. use the crop icon to crop your photo
6. Clicking the 3 circles icon allows you to choose a filter for your photo.
7. Tap images to view up-close or simply swipe to try another image.
8. Click 'Done' when you're finished and Tweet to share the photo.

All your photos you add to Twitter will show up on your Twitter Timeline. Your followers can then click on them and view the entire list of photos you're shared on Twitter.
Source to learn more: Twitter Blog and you can read Aviary's post on the new feature here.

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