Saturday, December 8, 2012

Google+ Communities: How it works

Google+ have launched Communities and it is bieng compared to Facebook groups. Google+ communities are like Facebook groups in that sense and other types of groups that users might be familiar with. Google+ communities however offer the large Google+ community as potential users who can join a community. You can create a community and make it either public or private. Once you create a community you can wither invite people to join or let people who like the topic find you and join your community. A great place to share ideas and just about anything. Anybody with a Google+ account can create a community and you can choose just about any topic from under the sun.

There are already a large number of communities set up on Google+, they also have a large number of members who are contributing together. Also good if you want to learn new subjects like 'Photography'. Google+ communities are a good place to create your own community or join someone else's community and contribute. Before creating a community you would need to know that creating and maintaining a community is a lot of hard-work, especially if it grows and becomes big. So if you are dedicated enough -- go for it. Also before creating a community make sure there are no communities that exist with the same name already. Be creative and come up with something original, this is turn will ensure a lot more people join and share in your community.

Google+ CommunitiesHow to create a Google+ Community
1. Login to Google+
2. On the left-hand side menu click on 'Communities Logo'.
3. Click on 'Create Community' choose either private or public.
4. Chose if anyone can join or do they need permission to join.
5. Click on create community and you're done

Once your community is setup you can add videos, links, events, photos and status updates.

How to edit my Google+ Community
1. Go to your community page and under community page photo click on 'edit'. From here you can share, edit or invite people. Under actions click on edit community to add a category and other benefits to your community. Under the same actions you will also be able to delete our community.

So go ahead and create your own or join someone else's Google+ community. Google+ has a vibrant user base and it is sure going to prove to be a lot of fun to create and maintain a Google+ community.

Visuals below in the video

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