Saturday, December 8, 2012

YouTube: How to feature a video or channel across all your videos

YouTube is the No 1 video site on the internet and has allowed for many people to become video content creators. Helping spawn something called 'YouTube Stars'. If you are a regular user then you have your favorite channel you follow and your favorite person. There are many YouTube channels that have over a million subscribers and everyday there is someone new creating content and uploading it to YouTube. You can also earn money from your creations if are invited by YouTube to be a part of their revenue sharing program. So if you have taken then bold step and have now decided to upload videos and maybe you have already gotten started with a few. YouTube has a feature called InVideo Programming.

YouTube Feature a videoHow does YouTube InVideo Programing work
If you use this feature essentially this is how it works. Let's say you have a few videos uploaded to YouTube. With InVideo programming, you can feature your channel across all your videos, you can also feature one specific videos across all your other videos. So while someone is watching your video, there is a small box that appears on the top right with your channel avatar. When someone clicks on it they are taken to your YouTube channel. You can also feature your most popular video across all of your other videos. Once enabled a small box with a screenshot of your feature video will appear at the bottom of your video and viewers can click on it to be taken to your featured video. This helps in branding and essentially keeps viewers glued to your channel and videos. The longer a person stays watching your videos the more popularity and engagement they receive. This is something every YouTube video creator needs to use as it increases your brand and engagement with in turn results in more views and more awareness and hopefully catapults you to YouTube stardom.

How to feature your Channel and video using YouTube InVideo Programming
1. Login to YouTube
2. Click on your channel name and then choose settings
3. Click on InVideo Programming found on the left-hand column.
4. Beside 'Feature Channel' choose the options as to which part of your video you want you channel to appear and the display time.
5. Beside 'Featured Video' choose the position, display time and duration.
6. Click Save and you're done.

How to change a feature video on YouTube
1. Click on remove next to the video and then choose a new one, click save and you're done.

Using this feature you can set to feature your channel and a specific video across all your other videos

Check the video out below of you want the visuals

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