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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to view your like history on Instagram

If you are the kind of person who likes browsing Instagram and clicks away on photos and videos this one if for you. There are so many awesome pics on Instagram and you might have clicked like on 100's of them. There is no point trying to remember which, and keeping track of all those photos -- since it is easy to forget. Thankfully Instagram keeps a track and with a few simple steps you can find all the photos and videos you have ever liked on Instagram. All posts can be viewed in chronological order. Android users can browse through all likes using thumbnails only while iPhone and iPad users get to use a customized layout. No matte what if you want to view all the photos and videos you have ever liked here's how.

Like History on InstagramHow to view your like history on Instagram

1. launch Instagram

2. Go to your profile page

3. Tap on settings icon

4. tap on posts you've liked

You can now view all the posts you have ever liked on Instagram.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Instagram Video: How does it work

Instagram the popular photo sharing app that was acquired by Facebook has now added video. These are 15 second long videos that you can capture and share on popular social networks. Instagram Video works a lot like Vine, The video capture and sharing app from Twitter. Vine allows you to take 6 second videos that play in a loop. Instagram video lets you take videos and play it in a 15 second sequence. Video on Instagram is proving to be a big hit with users. Here are some stats you might be interested in. Vine has 13 million users while Instagram has 130 million. Vine is owned by Twitter which has about half a billion users - Instagram is owned by Facebook which has over 1 billion users. The stakes are with Instagram video being launched in direct competition with Vine. There are many names being used to refer to the new service InstaVideo, InstaVids and a whole lot more.

Instagram VideoHow does Instagram Video work.
Unlike in Vine the video will last for 15 seconds - to get started after you have download the app onto your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. You will need to press the camera icon to switch from camera to video. Press the same button to start and stop your recording. Once your done - they will all be compiled into a short 15 second video. You can then choose your filter to make it look better. You can also use Cinema to add stability to your video. Once doen you can share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare just to name a few.

You can also use a caption for your video and # Hashtags are also allowed. The app is available both for iOS and Android - which you can download for free and begin using. You need the latest version of Instagram for the new video feature - 4.0.1

Instagram for Android
Instagram for iOS

Please check video below for visuals

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to delete Tags on Instagram photos

With the ability to add tags to photos on Instagram, comes a new problem and privacy issue. People might tag you in embarrassing photos. Ones that you choose to be in - maybe a night out at town and there you are all over the place until you drop. All your dear pals gets their SmartPhones out and upload those beautiful photos of you. You wake up the next morning and find your photo all over Instagram. There is no need to panic with a few simple steps you can gets your photo untagged and hide it from your Instagram profile page. This is a simple guide to help you untag, remove or hide those photos you've been tagged in on Instagram.

How to remove tags on InstagramHow to untag or delete photos you've been tagged in on Instagram
1. You always receive a notifications when someone tags you in an Instagram photo
2. These images are found in the 'Photos of You' tab on your profile page
3. Tap on tag in the photo to get a pop-up with various options.
4. You can now hide the photo from your profile, remove the tag or just report the photo

if you would like to not be tagged at all on Instagram. You could go to the 'Photos of you' section - tap on settings and change from Automatically to Manually. This way any photo that you're tagged in needs your approval before it gets added to your profile page.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How does Cinemagram work is an amazing app that lets you create short loop videos and share with your friends. Kind of works like Twitter's Vine app - you press the record button and the videos is captured and looped together like an animated GIF image on steroids. The animated GIF has stood the test of time - with all the improvements in Tech and the amount of Technology being rolled out everyday from glasses to watches. The humble GIF stands proud and it's not going anywhere. Users on the interwebs love looking at GIFs - Reddit is testimony to that.

cinemagramSo if you like Apps like Instagram and Vine you now have Cinemagram. The app is very social once you create your short cinema, share it on your feed. You can also find other feeds to follow and you can also share with your FB, Twitter and other social networking friends of yours.

The App also provides different editing editing and filter options. To make your videos and images more vivid. The end result of your productions on Cinemagram are known as A Cine pronounced "cinny" / "cinnie," - these are your animated photos created using Cinemagram.

Get Cinemagram now on your Android or iOS device. Click here to see trending images on Cinemagram.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to get Instagram photos back in your Twitter feed

Instagram have completely removed support for Twitter Cards and therefore users cannot share Instagram photos on Twitter. Only a link gets shared and no photo. If you are one of those people who's used to seeing those nice Instagram photos in your Twitter feed or Mobile Interface. That ability is gone and Twitter on the other hand have released their own photo-sharing with filter effects feature. If however you still want to be able to view Instagram photos on Twitter there is a Chrome Extension for that. With the extension you will be able to view photos in your Twitter stream and users Photo Galleries.

Instatwit to get back instagram photos to TwitterHow to view Instagram photos on Twitter
You will need to download and install the InstaTwit Chrome Extension on your device.
Once installed on your device all you need to do is to refresh your Twitter page and all the Instagram photos are visible.

So all those Instagram photos and user galleries become visible and users have the ability to view all of this right from within Twitter.

InstaTwit Chrome Extension

Twitter Photo Filters: How to apply and use

Last week Instagram pulled Twitter cards support from its App, which means that users who take a photo and share the same on Twitter. Will only be able to share a link and not the photo as users are used to. So sharing a photo with Twitter followers will not share the photo but a link to the photo. Followers will need to click on the link to view the image. Twitter on the other hand have released their own Instagram type of photo-sharing program which allows you to add filters to your photos before sharing on Twitter. The enhancement a product of Aviary -- brings to you the classy filters, Instagram users are used to. There are 8 photo filters and effects for you to use on your photos -- ranging from black & white to vintage. You can make use of these filters and effects to create stunning images and share with your buddies on Twitter.

Twitter Photo Filters how to edit and useHow to use Twitter's Photo Editor and add filters to Twitter images
1. You will need to Twitter App for iOS and Android -- since the app is Mobile based it can be used only on your iPhone. iPad and Android devices.
2. To start after composing your Tweet click on the camera icon
3. Click on choose from library to browse your photos and choose the one you want to use.
4. Use the wand like icon to enhance your image automatically.
5. use the crop icon to crop your photo
6. Clicking the 3 circles icon allows you to choose a filter for your photo.
7. Tap images to view up-close or simply swipe to try another image.
8. Click 'Done' when you're finished and Tweet to share the photo.

All your photos you add to Twitter will show up on your Twitter Timeline. Your followers can then click on them and view the entire list of photos you're shared on Twitter.
Source to learn more: Twitter Blog and you can read Aviary's post on the new feature here.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Instagram adds Web Profiles

If you are an Instagram user your profile is now available on the web. Instagram the photo sharing site owned by Facebook have launched the next big thing -- Instagram profiles on the web. You profile and photos you made public are now available online and your pals can now check you out on the web. You can also view your friends Instagram photos and profiles on the web. When you view a profile on the web you can see the number of public photos uploaded by a users, number of followers and following and a follow button for other uses to follow. There is also a random display if pictures that are shown.

An Instagam web profileThere is also a help article available to set your privacy settings -- also all mobile settings remain the same on the web. Just like Facebook the profile can have a Timeline cover photo with a profile picture. beside the profile picture users can add a short bio below which is a random list of pictures shared by the user. All looks very familiar to Facebook Timeline. If you want to view your web profile or a friends web profile you will need to enter This is so new that it's still rolling out. If you cannot see your web profile wait a few days and it's sure to be there. Users however will not be able to upload photos from the web as Instagram is for mobile device photo sharing. Also if your photo are set to private they will remain private even on the web.
Source: Instagram Blog and photo credit to cucinadigitial

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picsho: Create image galleries from Social Sites

create images from social sites

Social Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Twitpic have millions of photos being shared. Too bad there is not a single place for you to curate and collect all these images. A lot of the wonderful work being done by people gets lost in cyberspace. Web app Picsho changes all of that - you can use this service to quickly curate an image gallery and share with your friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The best part is your gallery gets a permanent home on the web. This way your collections always have a home for you to refer to and all those amazing pics and images will be available whenever you want it. If you are creative enough you can build an image gallery that you friend will like and also share. Image curation on the net is not a new thing. We have already written on how to create an Instagram photo collage

Picsho: How does it work

1. Visit Picsho and start building your image gallery. You do not need to create an account to use the site. So get started right away.

2. From the drop-down choose which social site you would like to add pictures from: Twitter, Twitpic, Instagram, Flickr, Lockerz, Tumblr, yFrog and Mobipicture.

3. Enter the #hashtag you would like to add pictures from. So if you want to create a Nature gallery - simply enter nature.

4. You can create a Mashup by adding more than one social network and then click on 'Create your Picshow'.

5. Once you see your curated gallery use the yes/no buttons to edit out or keep pics you want. 

6. Click on save it and you're done

Once your Picsho is saved you can send it to your friends via Facebook and Twitter. So give it a whirl and let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

Picsho - to create curated boards of pics you like from across social networks. 

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to setup geotagging on your Instagram Photo Map

Instagram have updated their iOS and Android apps. One of the main features being touted about the new and updated version of the app is the ability to add geolocation to your photos. This helps in better discovery of your photos and when people visit your 'Photo Map'. Photo Map will display all the photos yo have added to your map by visiting the different places of your map. You might not want to add all your photos to the Photo Map and so there is the easy ability to select or deselect which photos you do not want appearing on the map. So only photos you are comfortable with can be added to the map. Instagram has more than 80 million users and many of who would not mind adding a location feature to their photos. This gives people who are viewing photos a better idea of there they have been taken. This tool can also be used to discover new places and locations. You can also use it to find beautiful places for your next vacation.

Instagram Photo Map - geotagging instagram photos

Instagram Photo Map: How does it work

How to setup and get Photo Map on Instagram
You will need the latest version of Instagram 3.0 for your iPhone or iPad and is available here. Android users can get Instagram 3.0 here from the Google Play store. Once installed you will see the new tab - photo map. Once you tap and navigate there you will see photos you have geotaged in the past grouped together with location. 

How to add or remove photos to set up your Photo Map
Using Photo Map for the first time you will see all photos grouped together with geolocation that you might have added in the past. From here you can tap on any image which have the green tick mark to deselect the photo or just let it be and it is kept on your Photo Map. You will need to review all the photos and once your satisfied you can tap done to create your map.

How to edit Photo Map
You will always have the ability to remove or add photos to your photo map in Instagram. Simply navigate to your photo map and click the 'edit' button that appears in the upper right corner. 

How to view your friends' Photo Maps
Navigate to your friends profile and click on 'Photo Map' - now you can navigate to all the places they have been to. To view photos grouped together tap on the stack and tap once more to view the photos on a grid. 

How to add photos to Photo Map while uploading
While posting in the future make sure 'Add to Photo Map' is turned on. You can also add location and than click share to share with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want the visuals please check the video  below.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rich kids Of Instagram Tumblr, causing quite a stir

Every once in a while there is a Tumblr created that gets featured on headlines across the globe. This is one such Tumblr blog, named 'The Rich kids of Instagram'. The blog features rick kids and the things they do - more specifically the fun they have. Like travelling in private jets, drinking expensive liquor, getting expensive cars as gifts. The owner of the Tumblr remains anonymous and therefore no comments have yet been obtained as to why this was created. Tags accompanying the Tumblr however are a good giveaway. 'Cars, Luxury, The One percent, Socialites, mansions, beautiful and drugs'. The One Percent became an internet meme last year. Actually it was called the 99 percent - where people were talking about being part of the 99 percent while the remaining 1 percent lived in luxury. why could not the 1 percent be taxed more.

One of the rich kids have responded on television saying that these photos were shared on Instagram just among friends and did not realize that it would be splashed all across the internet.  Whatever maybe the reasons this is one Tumblr that you're going to have a look at even though you might hate it. There is a picture of Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach with a blond, another of Tiffany Trump posting pics of the families private jet. There is also a Twitter account and to follow the story you will need to use the hashtag #rkoi. These rich kids with their expensive phones and an Instagram account could well have taken better photos, just saying.

Here are a few picture from the Tumblr

Baron Hilton - Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach

Tiffany Trump's photo of their private jet

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Instagram: How to delete account

The reason for this post is very simple. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram - privacy concerns have popped up automatically in users heads. The exodus has begun albeit not in large numbers however. Still there are people leaving Instagram and using other services to share their photos. The deletion of accounts did not start until the acquisition and if you are one of those users here are a few things to keep in mind before you delete your Instagram account.

Once you delete your account it is permanent. All your photos, comments. likes, friendships - just about everything gets deleted forever. Nothing remains, this is a good thing in regards to privacy because a delete is a full and final thing on Instagram. In fact you will not be able to signup with the same username again. There is also no possibility of reactivating accounts or recovering accounts. So before you decide to delete your account thinks about all these things. When you delete your account all your photos are deleted so make sure you have a backup of all your photos, pics and images on your PC or another device before you delete your instagram account. 

How to delete or remove my Instagram account
Simple follow this link and delete your account it is just a one step process.

How to backup, import or migrate your Instagram photos.
A lot of people have been recommending Instaport. With Instaport you can export all your photos to other social services or backup your photos on your local hard-drive. This is a saftey measure to make sure you do not loose all those lovely pics.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to make a photo collage using your Google Drive photos

We have already covered how to make a Instagram photo collage, how to create a Facebook cover with your Instagram collage photos and how to create a Twitter background with Instagram collage photos. One of the Apps we mentioned was GetLoupe, a  launch partner for the Google Drive API announcement at the Google I/O Conference. One of the key things that can be accomplished now is the ability to create a photo collage using all your photos available in your Google Drive. So if you already have Google Drive you can start right-away. If you do not have Google Drive the cloud storage app from Google you can get it right now by going to

Creating a photo collage can be great fun and it seems to be fast becoming one of the fun things people are doing online. Once you create a collage you can then share it with your friends or just share it privately. To get started creating a Collage from pics, photos or images available in your Google Drive you would need to go to to get started. Once you on the App you can then use this link for detailed instructions provided by our friends from Loupe. Instructions on how to create a photo collage using your Google Drive pics

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to create a Instagram Photo Collage for use as your Twitter Background using InstaBG

Click image to expand.

Instagram photos are all the rage on the internet and they show no signs of slowing down or dying out. There are a whole lot of Apps coming out that make use of those amazing Instagram photos. We previously wrote about how to create a collage using Instagram photos and how to create a Instagram Collage for your Facebook Timeline. You can now use this same magic with InstaBG - no marks for guessing that BG stands for BackGround. This is a really cool Twitter App that lets you create an amazing background with nothing but Instagram pics, photos and images. 

How to create and set a Twitter background with your Instagram images.

1. You will first need to access the app at InstaBG
2. Once your on the Panel you can then target photos you want to use. Choose from All - which will allow you to use other people's public Instagram photos. If you want to use your photos enter your Instagram ID and access all your pics. You can now choose category and then tags. 
3. Next choose if you want you collage to auto update or remain the same.
4. Choose the order of the collage - new, popular or random
5. Choose your layout - select small if you want a whole lot of snaps
6. Next layout, spacing and rounded. Choose the collage type that best suits you.
7. You can now display the date along with the pics used and the number of likes each photos has received.
8. Click on preview - if you like it you can set this image as your Twitter background. Sign-in to Twitter before using the app or add your login details and you're done. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

How to create a Instagram Photo Collage for your Facebook Timeline Cover using InstaCover

If you are wondering how to create a Instagram Collage we have already written about it here. So if you are a collage fan and want to create one either with your Instagram set of photos or use others photos available on the app you can create some stunning collages and impress your friends. Gibe your Facebook Timeline Cover a whole new look, vibrant with some stunning Instagram photos. We also have a small tutorial to help you get started with Facebook Covers for your Timeline. For users who use their Timeline alot your cover photo is all important with this new app you can now make it even more stunning. Instagram photos are all the craze and rage on the internet and with Instacover you can use your Instagram photos or that of other to create a collage for your cover photo on Facebook. 

InstaCover: How does it work
1. Visit the webapp online
2. Sign-in with your Facebook Account
3. This is the screen you see

4. You can now enter your Instagram ID or just work with other photos available
5. You can now choose category, tags or photos you have liked on Instagram.
6. Choose order and also enter text if you want
7. Choose layout and then your spacing options. Choose no in spacing if you do not want any space between photos.
8. Choose if you want to add a date and number of likes each photos has got.
9. Click on preview to view and then final preview and the collage gets stored as a photo on your Timeline Cover album on Facebook.

10. You now need to go to Facebook to add this collage as a photo. This is good as you have the option to check it out and drag and drop as you please.

Play around with the app for a short while and you will see that it is simple and easy to use. Also adds a lot of fun to your Facebook Covers. Please let us know you feedback in the comments section below.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hotstagram: To find out who is the hottest of them all on Instagram

Instagram was bought by Facebook and the founder of Facebook did get into trouble at Harvard for creating something called Facemash. Where photos of two female students would be placed side-by-side and you could vote for who was hotter. Well Hotstagram just got hotter and lets you vote for the hottest Instagram user. You can choose the female icon to vote only for hot girls or the male icon to vote for guys. There is also a leaderboard for you to follow all the action and see who has been voted as the hottest Instagrammer. 

Hotstagram: How does it work
You would need to visit hotstagram and then by default you see female instagram users you can then click either 1 or 2 on your keyboard to choose the hotter one. if you would like to vote for male users, choose the male icon. Once you cast your vote for either 1 or 2 you see a heart appearing on the one you think is hotter and then a new set of photos appear. If you would like to visit the leaderboard to see who is the hottest then you can keep track of where all the action is heading.

How do you add your picture to Hotstagram
You will need to tag your picture as #Hotstagram and it will be added. users can then vote on your picture and you can join the race to become the hottest Instagrammer. So if you like searching for Instagram photos of hot people who use the service and upload their pics, this is the app for you. 
Hotstagram you can view the leaderboard here. 

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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to search for Instagram photos on Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter user Marion Pont

This is just a simple trick to find Instagram photos and pictures that users have been sharing on Twitter. This is another activity if you have time to spend online and don't know what else to do. You can search for Instagram pictures on Twitter. Find interesting pics that people are sharing in real time. Most tweets do not stay online for too long so once you find a user uploading some nice pictures you can follow them on the app. This tip is for using Twitter for finding Instagram photos being shared on Twitter. 

How to find Instagram photos on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter
2. When someone share a photo on Twitter via Instagram. It gets shared via a link starting with
3. In Twitter's search bar type '' to find all users sharing Instagram photos.
4. To dig deeper you can enter specific photos you would like to find. So after you can then type roses or London or whatever your areas of interests are. To find related pics. This is how an Instagram photo link would look like on Twitter -

This is just a simple trick to find nice Instagram photos being shared in real time. You can also find interesting people to follow on Instagram via Twitter. 

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to create a collage in Instagram

Instagram the popular photo sharing app which was sold to Facebook for 1 billion has simply grown in popularity after the acquisition. Apart from being able to take photos and sharing it on the app, you can also create a collage of all your favorite pics and share them also. The only thing however you would need to use other apps tog to the job done. If you want to make a collage with the Instagram app itself there is a quick workaround which may not really fit the bill. You can arrange your favorite photos in the app and then take a screenshot, zoom in to cut out the borders and save it as your iPhone desktop. This hack will not really leave you happy, but for what it's worth.

Ok, so to create a collage you can do so with the following apps and we have selected some of the best ones for you. Both for you iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and your Andriod devices.

How to create a collage in Instagram

1. GetLoupe: Is a Web app that lets you add all your favorite Instagram photos together to create a collage. Once your collage is ready you can share it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you do not want to make it public you can protect your collage and keep it private. The app is also available for use on your iPhone and  iPad, Mac, Windows and Linux. Sorry no Android version of the app right now. To get started all you need to do is to click the 'Add Photos' link and then click on 'Instagram'. name your collage and start adding pics, clikc complete when your done and it's now ready to be shared with the world. 

2. HoneyGram: This is available for all Android phones running Android 3.0 Gingerbread and higher. This app is basically an image browser for Instagram created for created for Honeycomb/GoogleTV/ICS platforms that lets you search for most popular photos etc. To get the app to go into collage mode you would need to tap the interactive button on the top of the app's screen. This will then start displaying thumbnails of all the images included within the selected album. You can now use various gestures to arrange your images. Here is a list of gestures supported.

Single touch: move an image around
Two Touches: rotate the image (hold down with one finger and move the other finger to rotate)
Three Touches: bring image to the top of the screen
Four Touches: Hide Image
Five Touches: Show all hidden images

3. You can also use PicFrame for iPhone or iPad. With Picframe you can make a collage using pictures from Facebook, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

Please let us know what you think of these apps and let us know if there are any other apps for the same purpose,  in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Inside Steves Brain

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Instagram for Android available now for download

Instagram the popular photo-sharing app for the iPhone has now officially released its Android App. Android uses have been waiting forever to get their app on their phone  and make the best use of it. there are many reasons why Instagram is a success - for starters you can take photos on your phone add gorgeous photo effects and breath new life into your mobile photos. All these everyday photos can be made to look amazing and you can then share them with your friends. The quality and beauty of Instagram made it an instant success and the only drawback was that it was available for iOS only. Now Android users can get the app for free. Instagram had opened up a get it on Android sign-up page and got more and got more than 430,000 Android users on the waiting list. 

Now that the app is available for Android -  they can join the community of more than 30 million registered users who contribute more than 5 million photos a day. Consider this only from iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad already over a billion photos have been uploaded. Imagine that number skyrocketing when Android users start uploading photos now. 
Download Instagram for Android now from the Google Play Store. 

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