Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to delete Tags on Instagram photos

With the ability to add tags to photos on Instagram, comes a new problem and privacy issue. People might tag you in embarrassing photos. Ones that you choose to be in - maybe a night out at town and there you are all over the place until you drop. All your dear pals gets their SmartPhones out and upload those beautiful photos of you. You wake up the next morning and find your photo all over Instagram. There is no need to panic with a few simple steps you can gets your photo untagged and hide it from your Instagram profile page. This is a simple guide to help you untag, remove or hide those photos you've been tagged in on Instagram.

How to remove tags on InstagramHow to untag or delete photos you've been tagged in on Instagram
1. You always receive a notifications when someone tags you in an Instagram photo
2. These images are found in the 'Photos of You' tab on your profile page
3. Tap on tag in the photo to get a pop-up with various options.
4. You can now hide the photo from your profile, remove the tag or just report the photo

if you would like to not be tagged at all on Instagram. You could go to the 'Photos of you' section - tap on settings and change from Automatically to Manually. This way any photo that you're tagged in needs your approval before it gets added to your profile page.

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