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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This pool dunk is amazing [Vine]

Ever seen a group of guys coordinate and do a basketball dunk in a pool? this one's for you. A slide and trampoline is used as props. Apart from that is just an amazingly nice vine. enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Instagram Video: How does it work

Instagram the popular photo sharing app that was acquired by Facebook has now added video. These are 15 second long videos that you can capture and share on popular social networks. Instagram Video works a lot like Vine, The video capture and sharing app from Twitter. Vine allows you to take 6 second videos that play in a loop. Instagram video lets you take videos and play it in a 15 second sequence. Video on Instagram is proving to be a big hit with users. Here are some stats you might be interested in. Vine has 13 million users while Instagram has 130 million. Vine is owned by Twitter which has about half a billion users - Instagram is owned by Facebook which has over 1 billion users. The stakes are with Instagram video being launched in direct competition with Vine. There are many names being used to refer to the new service InstaVideo, InstaVids and a whole lot more.

Instagram VideoHow does Instagram Video work.
Unlike in Vine the video will last for 15 seconds - to get started after you have download the app onto your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. You will need to press the camera icon to switch from camera to video. Press the same button to start and stop your recording. Once your done - they will all be compiled into a short 15 second video. You can then choose your filter to make it look better. You can also use Cinema to add stability to your video. Once doen you can share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare just to name a few.

You can also use a caption for your video and # Hashtags are also allowed. The app is available both for iOS and Android - which you can download for free and begin using. You need the latest version of Instagram for the new video feature - 4.0.1

Instagram for Android
Instagram for iOS

Please check video below for visuals

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Create your own #FollowMe Twitter video via Vizify

There are many reasons why people follow you on Twitter. Now is your chance to show the world why people follow you. The kind of Twitter profile you run and maintain and your best Tweets. Twitter along with Vizify have launched a new service and it's called #FollowMe. The campaign is powered by Vizify the Portland based startup. Twitter and Vizify first teamed up a year ago for the 'Year on Twitter project' - this is the fruition of that project. You can now create a video that's based on your top twwwets, interactions, pics and the time of day you tend to Tweet. You can choose music from over a million licensed tracks and get your very own Twitter profile video up and running.

Twitter #FollowMe highlight reel video#FollowMe project hops to capture your unique tweeting style and showcase it as a highlight reel. The video once created will showcase your top tweet, pics, Vines and followers - the ones you've interacted with the most. It is a fun little web-app that brings out who you are on Twitter. Please once your video is ready you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all your other favorite social networks. The big boys like Kobe Bryant have also jumped on the bandwagon and built their own #FollowMe videos.


Once you video has been created on Vizify - you can play around with it and add more music, pics, tweets and followers. Try it out now to get a fell of the highlight reel. Share with your friends as it is quite good.

Try it out now @

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to shoot a Vine video with the front-facing camera

Right, the time has finally arrived. You can now shoot a Vine video with your front-facing camera - you know what that means  A lot of Vine videos out there are going to be embarrassing, because people will shoot self videos and you know what happens after that. There is also another improvement to Vine - you can now use @mentions in your posts. If you still haven't head about Vine the micro-video app form Twitter - you can check out our other posts about it here. Vine let's you shoot a looped video that looks like a GIF on steroids and these can be shared with your friends. Vine has become very popular and for good reason. With the new feature - the ability to shoot self-videos using the front facing camera - expect a lot of fun videos to start appearing on Twitter.

shoot vine videos with front-facing cameraHow to turn on, enable the front-facing camera in Vine
1. When creating a post
2. tap the button at the bottom left-hand corner to try the front-facing camera
3. use the same button to switch between your front-facing camera and regular camera as many times as you want.

How to use @ mentions using Vine
@ mentions will help you tag people and friends in your Vine posts. To get started with @mentions and add people to your posts you would need to type @username. As you do this, their usernames will start appearing - click on the username you want and they get tagged and added to your posts. They will also receive a notifications mentioning that you have added them to your Vine post.

Read more at the Vine blog.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How does Cinemagram work is an amazing app that lets you create short loop videos and share with your friends. Kind of works like Twitter's Vine app - you press the record button and the videos is captured and looped together like an animated GIF image on steroids. The animated GIF has stood the test of time - with all the improvements in Tech and the amount of Technology being rolled out everyday from glasses to watches. The humble GIF stands proud and it's not going anywhere. Users on the interwebs love looking at GIFs - Reddit is testimony to that.

cinemagramSo if you like Apps like Instagram and Vine you now have Cinemagram. The app is very social once you create your short cinema, share it on your feed. You can also find other feeds to follow and you can also share with your FB, Twitter and other social networking friends of yours.

The App also provides different editing editing and filter options. To make your videos and images more vivid. The end result of your productions on Cinemagram are known as A Cine pronounced "cinny" / "cinnie," - these are your animated photos created using Cinemagram.

Get Cinemagram now on your Android or iOS device. Click here to see trending images on Cinemagram.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to find Vine videos on Twitter

Vine is the latest App from Twitter that has made a splash as a mico-video tool. We have already written about Vine and how it can be used to shoot and share 6 second videos on Twitter. with Vine you have 6 seconds to shoot a video, which then plays in loop - these videos can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. People are really having fun with this new app and there are now lots of vine videos now appearing on Twitter. These videos are fun and can be quite addictive. Being shot by just everyday people gives it a personalized touch and is something people can relate to. You can find and surf all of these videos videos on Twitter -- maybe even follow some of the more creative and cleaver video makers. Vine is a free videos shooting and broadcasting tool which is growing in popularity.

Vine Twitter App LogoHow to search for all Vine videos being shared on Twitter.
1. Login to Twitter
2. In the search bar type ''
3. All the videos being shared by Vine users will appear in real-time
4. You can now surf and find some really cool videos.

You can also view the latest 20 vine videos shared on Twitter by going to

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vine the mico-video App by Twitter has been launched

Twitter the micro-blogging network have just launched their micro-video app in the iStore. With the new Vine app from Twitter you can shoot and record videos and then share it on Twitter and Facebook. You however have one 6 seconds to get the job done. 140 characters was enough to make Twitter one of the hottest internet destinations. Since each Tweet cannot contain more that 140 characters. If that logic was good enough for words then 6 seconds is good enough for video. Currently only available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), it should be made available to Android users pretty soon.

Vine App by TwitterVine: How does it work
Once you record a video using Vine it looks more like an animated GIF rather than a video. These short videos can be attached to your Tweets and sent out to your Twitter Followers.

1. Go to the App and install it on your device
2. Once installed you will need to sign-in with your Twitter account or via email.
3. Hit the video camera button and press down on the view finder to start recording
4. Release your finger and the recording stops.
5. You now have the option to share your video via a Tweet or on Facebook.

Vine App by Twitter