Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to shoot a Vine video with the front-facing camera

Right, the time has finally arrived. You can now shoot a Vine video with your front-facing camera - you know what that means  A lot of Vine videos out there are going to be embarrassing, because people will shoot self videos and you know what happens after that. There is also another improvement to Vine - you can now use @mentions in your posts. If you still haven't head about Vine the micro-video app form Twitter - you can check out our other posts about it here. Vine let's you shoot a looped video that looks like a GIF on steroids and these can be shared with your friends. Vine has become very popular and for good reason. With the new feature - the ability to shoot self-videos using the front facing camera - expect a lot of fun videos to start appearing on Twitter.

shoot vine videos with front-facing cameraHow to turn on, enable the front-facing camera in Vine
1. When creating a post
2. tap the button at the bottom left-hand corner to try the front-facing camera
3. use the same button to switch between your front-facing camera and regular camera as many times as you want.

How to use @ mentions using Vine
@ mentions will help you tag people and friends in your Vine posts. To get started with @mentions and add people to your posts you would need to type @username. As you do this, their usernames will start appearing - click on the username you want and they get tagged and added to your posts. They will also receive a notifications mentioning that you have added them to your Vine post.

Read more at the Vine blog.

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