Thursday, June 13, 2013

Create your own #FollowMe Twitter video via Vizify

There are many reasons why people follow you on Twitter. Now is your chance to show the world why people follow you. The kind of Twitter profile you run and maintain and your best Tweets. Twitter along with Vizify have launched a new service and it's called #FollowMe. The campaign is powered by Vizify the Portland based startup. Twitter and Vizify first teamed up a year ago for the 'Year on Twitter project' - this is the fruition of that project. You can now create a video that's based on your top twwwets, interactions, pics and the time of day you tend to Tweet. You can choose music from over a million licensed tracks and get your very own Twitter profile video up and running.

Twitter #FollowMe highlight reel video#FollowMe project hops to capture your unique tweeting style and showcase it as a highlight reel. The video once created will showcase your top tweet, pics, Vines and followers - the ones you've interacted with the most. It is a fun little web-app that brings out who you are on Twitter. Please once your video is ready you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all your other favorite social networks. The big boys like Kobe Bryant have also jumped on the bandwagon and built their own #FollowMe videos.


Once you video has been created on Vizify - you can play around with it and add more music, pics, tweets and followers. Try it out now to get a fell of the highlight reel. Share with your friends as it is quite good.

Try it out now @

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