Saturday, June 15, 2013

Facebook Hashtags Privacy Settings

With the release of Hashtags on Facebook. All status updates with the hashtag in them will appear on public searches. A hashtag is the # sign in front of a word or phase - we have already covered in in greater detail here. With this release many Facebook users are again worried about this privacy. Just by adding that symbol in their status updates, posts, pic updates and video updates means it is searchable by anyone on Facebook. many users have already voiced their concern on various forums. It is to address this issue that we have decided to do this post. There is good news here however, only public posts with a hashtag will show up on Facebook searches or when someone click on the hashtag. so when creating a post if you use the privacy options wisely. Your status updates will not appear on searches.

Facebook hashtags Privacy SettingsHow to set Facebook hashtags privacy settings.
1. Compose your post with the hashtag in it.
2. Click on custom below the search box
3. Choose friends or only me or just a few people you want to share the post with
4. You're done

You posts will now not appear in public searches when you share it. This is a simple workaround and should serve you well.

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Video below if you want the visuals.

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