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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vine the mico-video App by Twitter has been launched

Twitter the micro-blogging network have just launched their micro-video app in the iStore. With the new Vine app from Twitter you can shoot and record videos and then share it on Twitter and Facebook. You however have one 6 seconds to get the job done. 140 characters was enough to make Twitter one of the hottest internet destinations. Since each Tweet cannot contain more that 140 characters. If that logic was good enough for words then 6 seconds is good enough for video. Currently only available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), it should be made available to Android users pretty soon.

Vine App by TwitterVine: How does it work
Once you record a video using Vine it looks more like an animated GIF rather than a video. These short videos can be attached to your Tweets and sent out to your Twitter Followers.

1. Go to the App and install it on your device
2. Once installed you will need to sign-in with your Twitter account or via email.
3. Hit the video camera button and press down on the view finder to start recording
4. Release your finger and the recording stops.
5. You now have the option to share your video via a Tweet or on Facebook.

Vine App by Twitter


Monday, January 21, 2013

How to find out what's trending on Facebook and Twitter using NewsWhip

There are always stories from news sources that are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Some of these stories go viral and start trending. Stories that start trending are the ones that receive the most likes and comments. There are those articles that your friends must be aware about and you might not have heard of the same. If you would like to know what articles are trending on Facebook and Twitter - web app NewsWhip seeks to enlighten you.

NewsWhipArticles from the news that gains traction on Facebook and its 1 billion users become very popular, and you end up reading about it in other news outlets. You don't have to be that person who gets left out. Periodically check NewsWhip or better still install their iOS App. This way on your iPhone or iPad you get the latest trending stories from Facebook and Twitter. Stories spread fast on Facebook and Twitter and NewsWhip will help you stay updated, with the latest trending topics and news stories from Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter  Articles that come to the top are the ones with the most likes, comments and retweets. Using these as analytical tools the latest news and current articles are brought to you.

NewsWhip on the web, NewsWhip iOS App.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pinterest App for Andriod, iPad and iPhone now available

Some of Sociolatte's pins on Pinterest
Some of our pins on Pinterest

Pinterest the darling of the internet in 2012 which has finally opened its doors to everyone (Aug 8), now has an official iOS and Android app. So if you have been waiting for the ability to use Pinterest on your iPhone or Android phone - it is finally here. The wait has been long and it seemed the Pinterest would take forever to open its doors to everyone and not just those with invites. Things have changed however for the startup and they seem to be really opening up with the new Apps and the everyone one is invited for the feast kind of thing.

Pinterest has taken up a lot of time from users especially those who like all those pics pics found on the internet. Companies have also been able to ride the Pinterest wave and gain a lot of traffic from their followers and fans. If you are able to run a successful Pinterest campaign you will be rewarded with a lot of traffic and a lot of word of mouth or should be say pins. Repinning of good stuff is a favourite past-time of many users. Pinterest also received a $100 million round of funding in May and is valued at 1.5 billion. 

Download the Pinterest App for iPhone and iPad here.
Download the Pinterest app for Android phones here

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wallit: The app that lets your write on digital walls in real places

Wallit is an interesting little iOS app that lets you visit places and write on walls. There is an Android app that is also coming soon. This is a kind of augmented reality that you might find really interesting. With Wallitapp you can visit physical places and create a wall. All the other people who are there will then also be able to write on the same wall and you can chat with everyone who has the app and have begun using the wall. The thing about each wall is that it is available to everyone and anyone can read it. To write on a wall however you would need to be there physically.

Wallit: How does it work
You first need to download the app onto your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. You can then visit a place and find the associated wall. lets say you are visiting the 'Golden Gate Bridge'. You can then write on the wall and start a conversation with other people who are present there. So if you are at a stadium you can chat with all the people who support the other team. Will definitely make for very interesting conversation. It works anywhere in the world. Which means with the app you can look up places you are going to visit and see what other people who have already been there have written. The amount of information available however will depend on the number of people using this app. So if it becomes really popular you can expect to search and find some really awesome information. A wall can be created for just about any place. A waterfall, a road, a restaurant and well you get the picture. So go ahead visit a place and see if you can Wallit.
Wallitapp on the web
Wallit for iPhone

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Use DataLocker to encrypt and secure your DropBox files

The popularity of DropBox has proved once and for all the importance of cloud storage. More and more people are turning to storing their data in the cloud with the benefit that it will always be available to them no matter where they are. There is however a chance that you want to store some private and confidential information in the cloud and your service of choice is DropBox. So if that is the case you just might want to encrypt those files and then store is securely. DataLocker is a service that will help you do just that. With DataLocked you can store files from your native clients like Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad. Once you download DataLocker you will be able to then use it to easily secure files and store the same in DropBox. 

DataLocker is the first product from 'Appsense labs' and is completely free to use. Currently the service is focused on DropBox and there is no information on when and if it will be available for iCloud and Skydrive. 

DataLocker: How does it work
You will first need to download and install the app. You will then need to link it to your DropBox account. You can then immediately start uploading new files while encrypting them. You will also be able to browse through existing files while protecting them and adding security. You can download the Windows version from here and the iOS app from here
DataLocker on the web

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