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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to remove Dropbox files from a computer you lost or gets stolen

Sometimes you might have installed Dropbox on a couple of your devices. Maybe on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Tablet. One of those devices you sell or maybe it gets lost or stolen. You, on the other hand have stored sensitive files on your Dropbox. You don't want those files to fall into the wrong hands. Fortunately you have a solution to remove all those files and unlink that computer, SmartPhone or Tablet from your Dropbox Synced devices. So if you suddenly realize that you have lost access to a computer that has all your Droxbox files synced to it. Follow the steps below to correct the situation.

unlink computer from DropboxHow to unlink a computer from my Dropbox account
1. Back up all your files locally
2. Delete all your Dropbox files
3. Dropbox will Sync all your devices and those files should be removed from the remote computer
4. Unlink and remove access from the device by going here
5. Now you can add all your deleted files which were backed-up, back to Dropbox

You now have removed the computer you no longer have access to and you files will no longer appear there. Helps you secure your files and increase Dropbox security. Please leave a comment with your suggestion or feedback.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to save Yahoo Mail Attachments directly to DropBox

Starting today Yahoo Mail have partnered with DropBox to help you easily save your attachments directly to DropBox. This means that you don't have to download your attachments first and then save to DropBox. For users familiar with DropBox the free cloud storage software - any and all sorts of file types can be stored using the service. So all your vacation pictures, important docs like tax returns and all your whitepapers and videos can be stored directly. You can sign-in to DropBox right within Yahoo Mail and store all your files and folders in the cloud. This post will help you save Yahoo Mail Attachments directly to DropBox.

save Yahoo Mail attachment directly to DropBoxHow to save Yahoo Mail attachments directly to your DropBox account.
1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail
2. Click on the attachment.
3. Click on the 'Save to DropBox' button
4. You're done

If you don not have a DropBox account as yet, you can click on 'More Options' to create a new account and name a new folder to save all your attachments.

How to share a file or folder from DropBox in Yahoo mail
1. Click on Compose.
2. Next to the paper clip icon select the drop-down button
3. Select 'Share from DropBox'. The chooser will open and you can then select files you wish to share. If the attachments is large you can simply drag and drop the file into email and click 'Send' to send from DropBox. This integration is available globally.

Source: Yahoo Blog and DropBox Blog.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to add a backup mobile number to Dropbox

Dropbox already has something called 2 step verification - which means that after you login to Dropbox with you email ID and password. You will be sent a verification code to your phone. This code will further need to be entered before you can access your account. This is just an added layer of security and if you have not yet enabled 2 step verification - it's not a bad to start using it now.

Add backup number to DropboxSo if you have already have 2 step verification turned on. There is now another added layer of security to answer the question - what if your phone gets kidnapped?. This is a possibility and people are always loosing their phones. (We have a lot of solutions on our site to help you record your lost phone). So anyways' if you lose your phone Dropbox has added the option to add ' a backup phone number'. This can be the number of someone you trust and know, someone who you always have access to. So this way even if your phone goes missing you can still access Dropbox using the backup phone number you added. This way instead of a panic attack - realizing you cannot access your Dropbox account. Dropbox will send the verification code to the backup number.

How to add a backup number to Dropbox
1. Login to Dropbox
2. Click on your name (right-hand corner)
3. Choose settings
4. Now click on 'Security'
5. Enable two-step verification and add your backup phone number.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to transfer multiple files from one Samsung Galaxy S3, to another

You might have the need to transfer or share files from one Samsung Galaxy s III to another S3 device. There may be many reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you got yourself a new device and want to give the other one as a gift to a friend or family member. You also did not use Google Drive or DropBox to store your files in the cloud -- therefore none of your files have been saved using cloud storage. Whatever might be the reason there is an easy way to share from one Samsung Galaxy S3 to another S3 device and this is how to do it. Samsung Galaxy S3 has something called the S Beam -- which essentially lets you share files like photos and videos from device to the other. This is how S Beam works -- To share files you will need to turn on S Beam and then all you need to do is to bring both of the devices close together and touch them together back to back. Once you open the files you want to share touch both the phones back to back and the files will be transferred from one device to the other.

Transfer files from one Samsung Galaxy S3 to another easilyS Beam: How to turn on, enable or start
1. On your device touch 'Menu' ==> Settings ==> more settings and now touch S Beam
2. To turn it on touch the slider and S Beam will come into the 'On' position.
3. Now follow the same steps on the other device
4. Once both the devices have S Beam turned on, open the content you want to share
5. Touch both devices back to back
6. This prompt will appear 'Tap to Send'
7. You will now be asked to pull the devices apart.
8. The transferred file should now appear on the screen of the other device.

Read more at Samsung Galaxy S3 support and @

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kim Dotcom's 'Mega' Site Now Open to Public

After Kim Dotcom's website 'Megaupload' was taken down by US authorities. Kim Dotcom vowed to fight and has even launched a new website called 'Mega', which he says is bigger than anything known previously. With the new site, users' get 50GB of free space to use. With it they can upload files and shares those files with their friends and connections. The launch of the site site 'Mega' came with huge pomp and show and the stage was set at his New Zealand mansion. With dancers and singers and a reenactment of the raid on his mansion by US authorities. Once launched Kim Dotcom announced via Twitter that within the first 2 hours there were more than 250,000 registrations.

Kim Dotcom Mega SiteMega is not different from other cloud hosting and cloud sharing services out there. Works on the lines of DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive. Cloud computing and cloud storage allows for users to upload files to the cloud and share the same with their friends. The service does not demand that users follow a protocol other than not uploading anything considered illegal.

How much storage space does Mega offer
Users get free cloud storage of 50GB that is completely free
Premium users get to use 500GB for $13.29, 2TB for $26.59 and 4TB for $39.90

What is the URL or web-address of the new 'Mega' site
You can access the site now by going to -

You can follow Kim Dotcom on Twitter here.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to share DropBox files with Facebook Groups

Sharing DropBox files with Facebook groups

DropBox has announced that it is now integrated with Facebook groups and you can share DropBox files with other group members. DropBox is a cloud based storage system that lets you store your files in the cloud for free. It is easy to use and comes with the added benefit of sharing these files with Facebook group members. You can share any file in any format -- so all your videos, images and docs can be shared between group members. This is useful especially for groups based on interests, games, study-groups and well, the list goes on and on. So if you are a moderator of a Facebook group or a part of a Facebook where members can share files. Your sharing options just got better -- dropbox files can be large and without wasting time uploading the file to Facebook -- sometimes takes very long with size limits in place, just share your files already stored in the cloud.

How to share DropBox files with Facebook Groups.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to your group
3. Click on 'Add File' located on the top-bar of your group
4. Below 'From your DropBox' click on Choose file. Add your login credentials and you're on your way.
5. You can now add a message before you share the file with other group members.

Source: DropBox Blog

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

DropBox: How to enable Two- Step Verification

two-step verification setup on DropBox

DropBox has an added security feature that is most welcome. It is called Two Step Verification - a combination of Google's two-step verification and's single-code verification system. So you can now use text messages or use your mobile app to generate a time sensitive security code to log-in to your DropBox account. This added security feature will help protect your account and keep hackers and intruders at bay. Helps to add an extra level of security to all your folders and files on DropBox. This post will serve as a guide on how to enable to the-step verification process for your DropBox account.

How to turn on, enable or setup Two-step authentication for DropBox.
1. You will need to log-in to your security page on DropBox.
2. Below Account Sign in found at the bottom, you will find the option, two-step verification.
3. You will need to toggle the link to enabled - click on change and enter your password and you now have the two options

How two-step verification works on DropBox
Use Text Messages - this option lets you log-in to DropBox with your password a security code will be sent to your phone. This code needs to be entered before you can log in to DropBox.
To enable security code via text message
1. Select use text messages
2. enter your phone number
3. Verify your phone number
Now each time you login a 6 digit security code will be sent to your phone. Use this as an added level of security to log-in to your account.

Use a Mobile App
To use an  authenticator app - several of which are available for your SmartPhone.
1. Select use Mobile App
2. Use can choose to scan a bar-code is your app supports it or enter your secret key manually. 
3. Once configured enter your secret code and authenticate two-step verification.

Note: Before enabling two-step verification you will be sent a 16 digit backup code. This needs to be stored in some safe-place. In case you loos access to your phone or tablet or any other device - this code will be required as an emergency access to your DropBox.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be careful what you store on Microsoft Skydrive since your private files are monitored

Cloud storage is something that has taken off in a very big way. There is DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive and Skydrive to name a few of the more popular ones. What Cloud Storage does it allows you free storage to store all your files in the cloud and make them available on all your devices. Microsoft is moving out SkyDrive with Windows 8, Office 13 and Windows Phone. This would mean that many uses would store all of their files on SkyDrive and some of what is being store might be inappropriate. This is something that needs to be noted - these might be your private files. Even if they are your private files and your using Microsoft Cloud to store them it might get your banned. A dutch user on the forum who goes by the handle WingsOfFury reports that he lost access to hos Live account, Hotmail account and XBox account. There are many users who are reporting the same online.

In fact Microsoft monitors its cloud servers and takes action when inappropriate content is found even if it your own personal file - meaning pictures of yourself. Microsoft also has a Code Of Conduct if you want to use its service. What's disturbing to users is that files are monitored even when uploaded into a private folder and not a public folder. So before you think it is safe to store whatever yo want on SkyDrive, think again. Uses suggest encrypting your files before storing them on SkyDrive. Please leave a comment below with what you think about this whole thing. Does this raise privacy concerns?
Source: Private files monitored, Xbox and mail access revoked and Microsoft monitoring and censoring uploads to SkyDrive

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google Drive: How does it work

The long awaited cloud storage service from Google is finally here. It is being rolled out in a phased manner and you can still click the 'notify me' link to be notified when your Google Drive is ready. Google Drive will work like other cloud-sync and storage services like DropBox and Microsoft's SkyDrive. Cloud Storage is web based storage that allows you to upload and store files and then share it with other using file synchronization. So once you have Google Drive it will create a single folder on your computer and sync your files with Google's servers and all your other devices that have Google Drive. 

Google Drive - How to get started
You will need to go to the Google Drive home and then install Google Drive on your PC. The service then gives you 5GB of free storage in which you can upload all your files. You can upload docs, pics, movies etc. Once synced with your other devices. You files will now be available wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection to access all your files and folders. The only thing you will need will be an internet connection to access your stuff. You will also be able to share your files with other users. 

What devices is Google Drive available for
Google Drive is available for PC and MAC, Android Devices with iPhone and iPad coming soon. iPad and iPhone users might need to wait a little longer.

How much will is cost after using the 5 GB of free storage.
Google Drive is offering as of now 16TB of storage and you can find the entire price list over here

Google Drive also has support for Google Docs
This would mean that if you are collaborating on a project you can now invite all your team mates to work on the same doc using Google Drive. 

What about security
With Google Drive you can use Google's Two step verification process to add an extra level of security to your Google Drive. 
Download Google Drive now. To know more of the features available click here

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Monday, April 23, 2012

DropBox: How to create and share a link

DropBox has launched a new feature, giving you the ability to create and share a link. This link can be created for all the stuff you have stored in the cloud. So if you have uploaded images of your vacation, Docs and presentations and videos that you have uploaded and stored in the cloud. Once you create a link you can then share it with friends and family and they can view it online in a web viewer by DropBox. The web viewer is quiet neat and aesthetically designed in full browser view for better viewing. Once you share a link with friends and family, they do not need an account to view the same. Whoever has the link can view your content in an open full browser. Since you content is already in the cloud there is no download required and people who you have shared the link with, can view your photos, docs and videos immediately. If you are a DropBox user and someone shares a link with you, you will be able to save that link in your folder. This is also being called DropBox instant sharing. You can share entire files, large files on the entire folder.

How to create a link in DropBox

From and on your computer, you need to select "Get link" for a file or folder in your Dropbox. On a mobile device, open the file and press the link icon in the bottom left corner.
Once you click on 'Get Link To' a new browser window will pop-up with a link to that particular file in the URL bar. You will need to copy that URl in or web address from your browser window and share that link with friends.

An example of the URL link that will be generated

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to earn up to 16 MB of extra free space on DropBox

DropBox the free cloud storage webapp that creates an extra drive on your PC or device to ensure all your files are available to you all the time, now has an incentive to invite your friends to join and install the service. For every friend you invite and who then decides to join and install DropBox, you get 500 MB of extra storage space. This is 500 MB if you have a free account and 1 GB if you have a pro account. You can also use the code provided to invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to make things easier. There is however an upper limit of 16 GB for free accounts and 32 GB for pro accounts. 

Once you go to the DropBox referral page you can choose from 3 different options on how you want to invite people. You can choose to  invite via email  - so you can then enter you log-in and password details and invite all your Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc mail contacts and share DropBox for free. You can also invite all your Twitter contacts by sending them the automated Tweet already embedded with your code or send the same to all your Facebook friends. You can also invite a few specific friends by entering their email IDs separately.
Invite your friends to use DropBox and earn extra space for free.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

How to share DropBox folders with Facebook friends and ask them to collaborate

DropBox the most popular cloud storage service has just added the option to share folders with your Facebook friends. This comes after the announcement of the ability to upload photos from your Android phone directly to a DropBox folder. Now you can create and share folders with your Facebook pals. This improvement is certainly going to take DropBox more to the masses. 

Previously on DropBox you could share folders only with other registered users. With the new improvement you can now invite your Facebook friends to view and collaborate with you on a folder. Allowing people to work together on projects. With DropBox cloud storage users will now have the ability to share, work-together and all you need is a Facebook ID.

How to share a DropBox folder and invite your Facebook friends as collaborators
1. Go to
2. Click on New Shared Folder
3. Choose between 'I'd like to create and share a new folder' and 'Share an existing folder'
4. Give your folder a name if it is new one
5. Click on 'Invite Facebook Friends'
6. Click on Allow - app permission to use your Facebook account
7. Now start typing the names of the friends you would like to invite
8. Click on Share Folder
9. Your Facebook friends will get the invite and will be able to view the folder and also work on it.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Use BoxCryptor to encrypt and store your cloud files on services like DropBox and

It seems everyone these days has the need to store their files in popular cloud services for easy and immediate access. Storage all your files on your local device is a thing of the past with the emergence of cloud storage services. There are a number of cloud storage services to choose from. One of the most popular being DropBox. DropBox the service that adds and extra drive to your PC or other storage device and stores all your files in the cloud for easy access. With all the files that are stored in the cloud what if you need to store some files securely and ensure that if there is any compromise you know your files are safe and secure. Enter BoxCryptor the service that allows you to do just that. with BoxCryptor you can safely and securely store your files on services like DropBox and the service also uses AES-256 standard to encrypt your files. We had previously written about a service called Data Locker and BoxCryptor is an alternative that you can use.

BoxCryptor: How does it work
lets you store your files on-the-fly and it is a fast and easy service to use. The service is available for for Windows, Android and iOS - and even support Mac OS X and Linux. Once you start uploading files each file is encrypted individually and stored in a folder of your choice. Once stored all your files are avialble to you on any of your devices - computer, SmartPhone or tablet. So using your iOS or Android device you can upload and store your files securely even on-the-go. You can even drag and drop existing files into your BoxCryptor folder to safely encrypt and store them, the service also decrypts in real-time BoxCryptor uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt and protect all your files. The Standar AES-256 is classified by the U.S. Government to protect data that is “TOP SECRET” information. In addition to this, BoxCryptor also uses filename encryption.

Check out BoxCryptor here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Use DataLocker to encrypt and secure your DropBox files

The popularity of DropBox has proved once and for all the importance of cloud storage. More and more people are turning to storing their data in the cloud with the benefit that it will always be available to them no matter where they are. There is however a chance that you want to store some private and confidential information in the cloud and your service of choice is DropBox. So if that is the case you just might want to encrypt those files and then store is securely. DataLocker is a service that will help you do just that. With DataLocked you can store files from your native clients like Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad. Once you download DataLocker you will be able to then use it to easily secure files and store the same in DropBox. 

DataLocker is the first product from 'Appsense labs' and is completely free to use. Currently the service is focused on DropBox and there is no information on when and if it will be available for iCloud and Skydrive. 

DataLocker: How does it work
You will first need to download and install the app. You will then need to link it to your DropBox account. You can then immediately start uploading new files while encrypting them. You will also be able to browse through existing files while protecting them and adding security. You can download the Windows version from here and the iOS app from here
DataLocker on the web

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google to launch free cloud-storage service called 'Drive'

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One of Silicon valley's hottest startups is set to get some serious competition. There has been a lot of speculation about Google's GDrive, a free storage which will live in the cloud. Like Dropbox which offers 2 GB of Free storage and can be used as an extra drive on your PC. Google's new service is going to be called simply 'Drive'. It will function like an extra hard-drive on your PC and sync all the files you store on that drive in the cloud. This means no matter where you are and what system you are using, all your files will be accessible to you wherever you are. People using multiple devices to access the internet and all their date has given rise to 'Cloud Computing'. Google's famed GDrive will rival other cloud-storage services like iCloud from Apple, which lets users store all their data in the cloud and Dropbox which now has more than 45 million users. Dropbox also saves over 1 billion files every few days. 

The rise of cloud-storage services is driven by the need that people need to be on the go and not burdened with large cumbersome gadgets. Once you store all your files in the cloud they are available wherever you are, all you need is a simple internet connection. Google Drive is set to launch in the next few months and will offer free storage to uses. For those users who need larger amounts of free storage there will be a pay per store option. This service will especially come in handy for those users who would like to store and share their photos, videos and large files all in one location. 
Source: WSJ

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