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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google to launch free cloud-storage service called 'Drive'

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One of Silicon valley's hottest startups is set to get some serious competition. There has been a lot of speculation about Google's GDrive, a free storage which will live in the cloud. Like Dropbox which offers 2 GB of Free storage and can be used as an extra drive on your PC. Google's new service is going to be called simply 'Drive'. It will function like an extra hard-drive on your PC and sync all the files you store on that drive in the cloud. This means no matter where you are and what system you are using, all your files will be accessible to you wherever you are. People using multiple devices to access the internet and all their date has given rise to 'Cloud Computing'. Google's famed GDrive will rival other cloud-storage services like iCloud from Apple, which lets users store all their data in the cloud and Dropbox which now has more than 45 million users. Dropbox also saves over 1 billion files every few days. 

The rise of cloud-storage services is driven by the need that people need to be on the go and not burdened with large cumbersome gadgets. Once you store all your files in the cloud they are available wherever you are, all you need is a simple internet connection. Google Drive is set to launch in the next few months and will offer free storage to uses. For those users who need larger amounts of free storage there will be a pay per store option. This service will especially come in handy for those users who would like to store and share their photos, videos and large files all in one location. 
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