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DropBox: How to enable Two- Step Verification

two-step verification setup on DropBox

DropBox has an added security feature that is most welcome. It is called Two Step Verification - a combination of Google's two-step verification and's single-code verification system. So you can now use text messages or use your mobile app to generate a time sensitive security code to log-in to your DropBox account. This added security feature will help protect your account and keep hackers and intruders at bay. Helps to add an extra level of security to all your folders and files on DropBox. This post will serve as a guide on how to enable to the-step verification process for your DropBox account.

How to turn on, enable or setup Two-step authentication for DropBox.
1. You will need to log-in to your security page on DropBox.
2. Below Account Sign in found at the bottom, you will find the option, two-step verification.
3. You will need to toggle the link to enabled - click on change and enter your password and you now have the two options

How two-step verification works on DropBox
Use Text Messages - this option lets you log-in to DropBox with your password a security code will be sent to your phone. This code needs to be entered before you can log in to DropBox.
To enable security code via text message
1. Select use text messages
2. enter your phone number
3. Verify your phone number
Now each time you login a 6 digit security code will be sent to your phone. Use this as an added level of security to log-in to your account.

Use a Mobile App
To use an  authenticator app - several of which are available for your SmartPhone.
1. Select use Mobile App
2. Use can choose to scan a bar-code is your app supports it or enter your secret key manually. 
3. Once configured enter your secret code and authenticate two-step verification.

Note: Before enabling two-step verification you will be sent a 16 digit backup code. This needs to be stored in some safe-place. In case you loos access to your phone or tablet or any other device - this code will be required as an emergency access to your DropBox.

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