Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to add a backup mobile number to Dropbox

Dropbox already has something called 2 step verification - which means that after you login to Dropbox with you email ID and password. You will be sent a verification code to your phone. This code will further need to be entered before you can access your account. This is just an added layer of security and if you have not yet enabled 2 step verification - it's not a bad to start using it now.

Add backup number to DropboxSo if you have already have 2 step verification turned on. There is now another added layer of security to answer the question - what if your phone gets kidnapped?. This is a possibility and people are always loosing their phones. (We have a lot of solutions on our site to help you record your lost phone). So anyways' if you lose your phone Dropbox has added the option to add ' a backup phone number'. This can be the number of someone you trust and know, someone who you always have access to. So this way even if your phone goes missing you can still access Dropbox using the backup phone number you added. This way instead of a panic attack - realizing you cannot access your Dropbox account. Dropbox will send the verification code to the backup number.

How to add a backup number to Dropbox
1. Login to Dropbox
2. Click on your name (right-hand corner)
3. Choose settings
4. Now click on 'Security'
5. Enable two-step verification and add your backup phone number.

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