Friday, March 22, 2013

How do you create a post on Reddit

Reddit the destination on the web for people who want a good read or join an ongoing discussion. On Reddit anyone can post anything - either a text post or a link to an external news article, picture or video. Creating a post on Reddit is very simple and easy. You can do so in just a few quick steps. Remember that Reddit frowns upon people who try to post too many links. To post more you also need to have good Karma on Reddit. Karma points are everything. So be mindful about your posts and don't post too much. It is also advisable to join in the discussions and gain some karma. So this will be a quick guide on how to create a post on Reddit.

How to create a post on Reddit
1. Login to Reddit
2. Below search Reddit on the right-hand side are the options. 'Submit a new link' and 'Submit a new text post'.
How to create a Reddit self post3. Choose either one and you are taken to the screen where you can now create your post.
How to submit a reddit post4. if you choose test - enter the title, text, choose a subreddit, fill in the capture and then post. If you choose 'Link' enter the link choose the Subreddit and post.

Reddit is made up of many communities and each community is know as a Subreddit. usually the URL of a Subreddit would be - - /r/ denotes the Subreddit and its name.

Video below for the visuals

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