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Friday, December 19, 2014

Chosen Reddit users to get a wallet and notes to put in it

Yeah, that's right. Reddit got some funding in September 2014 and they promised to give back to the Reddit community. Now that's being true to the people who helped them grow. Something that other networks don't seem to know how to do. Networks like Facebook and Twitter make a lot of money but don't seem to want to give back to be communities and people that helped them grow. It's time large companies decide how to give back to the very people who helped them grow. Reddit on the other hand is now looking into how their notes will fit into government regulations and what all can be done with their notes. Large networks we believe; even if they don't give back should provide opportunities for motorization, just the way Google and YouTube does. You can read more about Reddit notes here

Saturday, October 18, 2014

10 yr old Ethiopian girl who did an AMA on Reddit gets a 'thank you' present [Video]

This 10 year old Ethiopian girl recently did an AMA on Reddit. Which you can read here. After the AMA the guys who helped her do the 'Ask me anything' on Reddit, went to her home and donated money to her mother. The guy who did it is Athene and runs a site called gaming for good. Really cool. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to change default Subreddits

Reddit has changed the default Subreddits that will appear on the homepage. /r/politics and /r/atheism is gone and more user friendly Subreddits in their place like /r/Books and /r/Gifs. if however you have subscribed to other Subreddits and would like those to appear on the front-page when you access Reddit this is what you would need to do. Reddit is not yet mainline and it's good it's kept that way. Many users online have found solace in Reddit and the way it's run. In fact Reddit has not even reached a point of break-even - users love Reddit and if you are one of them. When you login to Reddit the first-thing everyday. You would like to see your favorite Subreddit subs on the front page. This way you can reach them with just a click and browse through all the archives. So this is how to change default Subreddits on Reddit.

How to change default subredditsHow to change Default Subreddits on Reddit
1. Go to
2. Click on Edit on your Top-Bar
3. All the Subreddits are dispalyed
4. Click on Subscribe on the ones you want - color now changes to red
5. Subreddits that you are not subscribed to are in green color.

So just choose the Subreddits you want and check this link to make sure your personal Subreddit list is updated on this page. It's called the my Subreddits page and can be found here - . This way you choose which Subreddits appear on your Front Page - subscribe or unsubscribe.

Note: To unsubscribe from a Subreddit  - please follow the same process as mentioned above. 

Reddit updates default Subreddits

This has not happened since October, 2011. Reddit updates its default Subreddits - gone are /r/politics and /r/atheism, two of the most troublesome Subreddits. In its places are Subreddits like /r/EartPorn, /r/ExplianLikeImfive and /r/books. Reddit seems to be looking to go a bit more mainstream with this change. Reddit however denies that and simply says that the older Subreddits were not really growing as expected. And the new default Subreddits seems to be gaining in traction, and also in the number of new users subscribing to them. Whatever might be the reason for this new change on Reddit. Users who are used to seeing things the same might miss the old defaults.

Reddit front page default SubredditsThis however does not mean you can't have the old Subreddits back to your front page. You can always unsubscribe from the new ones and subscribe to the old Subreddits to have them back. Some of the more popular Subreddits that have really been growing have been /r/IAMA and /r/TodayILearned. IAMA has been used by just about everyone to tell the world who they are and what they do. From Barack Obama to Steven Spielberg. Anyone can use this Subreddit if they have something to share with the rest of the world. TodayILeanred is for people to share links with things they might have learned fro the first time today on the internet. it is a very interesting Subreddit for those who like to increase their knowledge of the not-so-common, or just have a good read.

More at the Reddit Blog

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make a Meme on Imgur

Reddit loves memes and the default image hosting service is Imgur. Imgur is not by Reddit but is the most popular service on Reddit where users upload photos, images and memes to. These are then shared on Reddit. So no matter where you create or make a meme it is finally hosted on Imgur and shared on Reddit. Quickmeme which till now has been a popular service for making memes has been black listed for artificially upvoting posts and downvoting posts from competitors. This now makes perfect sense that Imgur launch their own meme making service. So the next time you're on r/AdviceAnimals - you can make your memes on Imgur and share it directly. We have already written about how to share photos on Reddit and the best sites to make a meme. With the new service from Imgur, the whole process has become that much more easier. So whether it is Bad Luck Brian, Overly Attached Girlfriend or any other meme, you can create one right on Imgur

Make a meme on ImgurHow to make a meme on Imgur
1. Go to Imgur
2. The front page has a whole of popular meme templates
3. Click on make a meme found on the left
4. use one of the popular templates provided or upload an image from your own computer
5. Once your image is ready enter the top sentence and the bottom
6. Finish my clicking on make this meme and now it's ready to share

Have fun by sharing your meme with all your pals on Facebook, Twitter and get all that karma on Reddit.

Make a meme on Imgur.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to eat more fruit and veggies?

Here comes an amazing Life Pro Tip from Redditor livebythem. basically this is the way it works. if you need to snack more on veggies and fruits - cut them up beforehand and store them in some Tupperware. This way whenever you need to snack on something - open your container and start snacking on fruits and veggies. This is very helpful for most people since we eat more out of boredom rather that hunger. The key OP says is that they need to be sealed in leak-proof Tupperware and then even apples will stay fresh for a week. Cutting up Apples and other fruit beforehand and storing them in leak-proof containers should do the trick.

how to eat more fruits and veggiesWhen sitting in front of the TV, most of us reach out to munch on junk food and something that is oily and unhealthy. If you have your fruits already cut and ready to be eaten. Just open your container and mindlessly chomp on fruits and vegetables. Other Redditors also suggest using zip-lock bags. Do this after squeezing as much air out as possible - helps fruits and veggies stay fresh for longer. You can read more at the discussion going on, on Reddit here. Super tip to eat healthy - when going out just throw a container in your bag and when you need to eat, your fruits and veggies are ready. Image Credit: Redditor Livebythem.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How to find the complete list of Advice Animals Templates

So you're on Reddit and you like to hang out at r/advicenaimals - maybe you've been watching for sometime and have now decided to jump on this bandwagon and start adding your own memes. Not in the sense that everyone can create their own meme but use existing memes to get your point across. Advice Animals on Reddit has about 2.5 million readers and is one of the most popular of Reddit's subreddits. The owners of this subreddit have done everyone a huge favor and created a page that has all the available meme templates for you to use.

Paranoid Parrot Meme Template

Above: Paranoid Parrot Raw Template.

From 'Tech impaired duck' to 'paranoid parrot' to 'hipster kitty'. All raw templates are available for use. The page also has other users adding their own templates. So if you're looking for you own raw template - please follow the link at the bottom of this post. Advice Animals on Reddit can be quite addicting so make sure you have the time to spare before making that a kind of internet home.

Check out complete list of Advice Animals templates here. You might also like - List of best sites to make a meme.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to upload a picture to Reddit

If you are new to Reddit one of the first things you might want to learn to do is to upload a picture tto Reddit. You cannot directly upload a picture to Reddit and you will need to use something called 'imgur'. Imgur is a free image hosting site that provides service to million s of users. Most Reddit users are fond of Imgur and use it to upload photos to Reddit. So to share a photo, pic or image on Reddit. You would first need to upload it to Imgur and then get a direct link to share it on Reddit.

Uploading a picture to RedditHow to upload an image or picture to Imgur.
1. Go to Imgur and click on Computer - to upload from your computer or Web to upload from the web.
2. Once uploaded the link called 'Direct Link' - copy that and paste it in your Reddit post.

This is the image URL and can be posted anywhere on Reddit. You can use it in a 'Text' or 'Link' post.

Please check the video below if you need the visuals.

How to create a link on Reddit

One of the important things on Reddit is the ability to create links. In your Reddit comments or self posts. When you create a post it's very easy to add a link but many a new comer to Reddit always struggle with creating a link or making a link when composing a Reddit comment. It is actually fairly easy to create a link on Reddit and this post will guide you in just a few easy steps.

Create a link on RedditHow to create a Link in Reddit
1. Let's say you compose a comment such as 'My fav Reddit Links'. You want to add a link to the word Reddit. So when people click on it, it's taken to your imgur pic or just about any other link.
2. This is what you need to do. [Reddit] ( This will add a link to the word Reddit.

You can follow the same process and link any word or phrase and post your comments on Reddit. Leave a comment below if you would like to continue this discussion.

Friday, March 22, 2013

How do you create a post on Reddit

Reddit the destination on the web for people who want a good read or join an ongoing discussion. On Reddit anyone can post anything - either a text post or a link to an external news article, picture or video. Creating a post on Reddit is very simple and easy. You can do so in just a few quick steps. Remember that Reddit frowns upon people who try to post too many links. To post more you also need to have good Karma on Reddit. Karma points are everything. So be mindful about your posts and don't post too much. It is also advisable to join in the discussions and gain some karma. So this will be a quick guide on how to create a post on Reddit.

How to create a post on Reddit
1. Login to Reddit
2. Below search Reddit on the right-hand side are the options. 'Submit a new link' and 'Submit a new text post'.
How to create a Reddit self post3. Choose either one and you are taken to the screen where you can now create your post.
How to submit a reddit post4. if you choose test - enter the title, text, choose a subreddit, fill in the capture and then post. If you choose 'Link' enter the link choose the Subreddit and post.

Reddit is made up of many communities and each community is know as a Subreddit. usually the URL of a Subreddit would be - - /r/ denotes the Subreddit and its name.

Video below for the visuals

Monday, March 4, 2013

10 Best Subreddits for geeks

If you are into Tech and Geeky stuff - Reddit has quiet a few Subreddits for you. Reddit is large and the number of Subreddits keeps growing by the day. There is a Subreddit for just about anything under the Sun. We have complied a list of best Subreddits for geeks - something you sure don't want to miss, especially if you want to know the latest DIY's being shared every day. There are also tech Support Subreddits for people who need 24/7 tech support. A Subreddit is like a large group - created by an individual user. Anyone can create a Subreddit and if it becomes popular. It will be recognized on Reddit and people interested in that topic will join the conversation. So if you are into Tech and Geeky stuff, here are the best Subreddit communities for you.

Best Subreddits for geeks1. R/Technology
This is one of the most popular places on Reddit, where users share the latest tech news stories from blogs and websites. More a place to find the latest tech news.

2. /r/TechSupport
Are you having problems with your PC, Antivirus, tablet or Phone. Here you can ask advice from other users and get support immediately.

3. /r/howto
The definitive place on Reddit to find out how to do just about anything. There are users always sharing new How-to tutorials and you can share some of your own.

4. r/TodayILearned
Find out what other users are learning for the first time on the internet. You can join the conversation and learn something new for the day.

5. r/DIY
Do It Yourself - this is the place on Reddit for all those DIY tutorial. From learning how to clean wooden floors to how to change a light bulb - This is everything DIY.

6. r/LifeProTips
Need support, help and just general funny and cool ideas about how to live life better - then you need to check out life pro tips and get the best for everyday.

7. r/electronics
For you if you like electronics and especially taking things apart and putting them back together.

8. r/homeimprovement
Need help to get something fixed around your home. Home Improvement is just the place to find your answers.

9. /r/talesfromtechsupport
To read stories from people who work tech Support jobs - very informative and entertaining.

10. r/geek
Need we say more - the place for all Reddit geeks.

Have fun browsing through these Subreddits and please leave a comment below.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting planet Earth. Does an AMA from Space

Now this must be the coolest AMA on planet earth. We write a lot about some of the really cool AMA's done by people and this seems to be one of the finest and coolest. If you're wondering where Chris Hadfield is while doing his AMA - when asked by one Reddit users. He said he was now off the western coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean. when asked which part of earth looks coolest from space he replied that the Australia Outback looks coolest and the Bahamas looks most beautiful. He is now aboard the Space Station ISS. If you're wondering what the ISS space station is - Wikipedia says that the International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite in low orbit earth. There are many interesting questions answered by him - like, what does space smell like, What's the funniest thing that happened on the ISS?, what's the scariest thing he has seen in space. He answered saying watching a meteorite burn up between me and Australia. Now this is something considering all the near hits and misses or rocks hurtling past earth. Before his pre-launch flight the Col did an AMA which we wrote about and can be found here.

Please find below some of the amazing answers from space by Col Chris Hadfield

Which part of the earth looks coolest from space


What does space smell like


Can you connect to skype, twitter and facebook in space


Read the full AMA on Reddit here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Facebook Graph Search AMA on Reddit

Facebook Graph Search is still in beta opt-in and the engineer (pointy-haired engineering director for Facebook's search team, AMA) did a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything). The AMA section on Reddit allows people to post am IAMA ( I am A) and other users can ask that person questions related to their AMA. This weeks popular AMA was done by Lars Eilstrup Rasmussen - director of Facebook Graph Search. In the AMA Lars answers questions like 'Why he joined Facebook after leaving Google', is there free coffee at the office, did Mark Zuckerberg take him on the famous long walk and a few questions about the technical aspects of Facebook Graph Search. He speaks about the structure of Facebook Graph search and although the product is still young, it will get rolled out to all users once it's matured enough.

Here are some of the questions and answers about Facebook Graph Search

technology behind graph search


internal query syntax for facebook graph search


explain graph search like I'm 5


ELI5 - explain like I'm 5 - you can read the complete AMA on Reddit here. Link to Lars Facebook Profile here

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to delete a Reddit Username or Account

For all intent and purposes Reddit is the place to share stuff with the rest of the internet. Sometimes however you do make a username and post something that backfired at you. You want to now get rid of that username or Reddit account and start afresh. Reddit allows people to join the site by just choosing a username and password. It is not necessary to associate an account with an email address. This is taken advantage of by users and if a user wants to post something but stay anonymous -- it is very possible to that. But if there comes a time that you would like to rid yourself of a particular account or username this is how to do it. Deleting a username will not get rid of the associated posts. To do that you would need to signin under your username and delete each post individually. There is no way to mass delete posts. So remember to delete posts under a particular username, you would need to manually do it. Once your done, you can then get rid of the username and that particular account. Deleted account are not recoverable.

Deleting a Reddit username or passwordHow to delete a Reddit account or username?
1. Click on this link, which takes you to Reddit's delete account page.
2. Login with your username and password.
3. Confirm that you want to delete this account and you're done.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take a pic of your hotel room numbers to avoid wandering after having 1 too Many

This is a life tip from Reddit that really needs mentioning. Many times people check into hotels and forget their hotel room numbers and start wandering around aimlessly searching. The problem gets compounded when you go out to town for a night of hitting all the possible watering holes. You down one too many and somehow reach your hotel only to forget your room number. Reddit user foundbypat has a simple solution -- take a pic of your hotel room number. This way when you stumble back to your hotel, you can always whip out your phone or gadget that you use and look at a pic of your room number.

snap a pic of hotel room numbersOther users suggest taking out the notepad that is usually available in your room, writing down the number and stuffing it into your pocket. We have another simple solution -- press your three digit hotel room number and dial on your phone. When you come back just checked your dialed numbers and the three digit one is the room number. Simple tips but helpful.
Source: Take a pic of your hotel room number via Reddit user Foundbypat 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Social Media Elections 2012 [Infographic]

The 2012 Presidential elections could not have been more social media fueled. Each presidential debate created the kind of buzz people are getting used to on Twitter and Facebook. Each debate had it's own trending topics on social media sites. So will social media turn more into a prediction machine instead of simply spreading news and information. Is it possible to watch social media patterns and actually predict the outcome of an election. It comes as no surprise that most adults get most of their election news from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. With Mitt Romney and Barack Obama going neck to neck in many states -- social media might actually become the fuel that tips the balance in either's favor. The Infographic below does a great job of breaking it down further. Source for the Infographic. 

Social Media and how it effects the 2012 presidential elections

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to create a Subreddit on Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic place for people of similar interests to group together and talk about what they are passionate about. Which means that if you have a business, blog, website or interest. You can create a Subreddit on Reddit which will act as a community for people to come together and share articles, pics and videos all the while creating the word-of-mouth effect to help you grow your business or interest.

Reddit is the front page of the internet and once you get used to Reddit you can actually start living without Facebook and Twitter and get your daily dose of news, views, memes and what not from this community based site.

Creating a subreddit community on Reddit.

What is Reddit: Reddit is a place to share news, share your stories and experiences, talk about technology -- the possibilities are limitless and the best part is there is always someone to add interesting comments and the discussions are very real. You get Karma points if you are upvoted on Reddit and you loose karma points if you get downvoted. 

So you can amass the power of Reddit to create traffic for your blog or website or business r interest. There are many companies that have created Subreddits for their business and have been really creative in user engagement. Thereby generating a lot of interest in their products and their brands. 

How to create a Subreddit Community on Reddit
Creating a subreddit means you are creating a community around your brand and getting people to talk and share your stuff.
1. Go to Reddit
2. On the right-hand side choose a username and password and login. There is no need to use and email ID. You could if you want but not mandatory.
3. Now that you have a Reddit ID on the right is the link 'Create your own community' - click on that and you are taken to the nest page.
4. Enter your community name, title for your community, add a description and a description that goes into your sidebar. Choose the other options according to how you would like to moderate and click on create and you're done.

Update: You can also use this link to directly go to the create Subreddit page and get started on your community.
Once your Subreddit has been created please let other Reddit users know about it by posting to r/NewReddits.

Simple and easy -- here are a few businesses' that have their own communities or Subreddit on Reddit. XBox 360 , King of Thrones , Slashdot. So if you are willing to moderate a community and look after it you can create a Subreddit and see how it goes. All the best to you!!.

Please check video below for visuals

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to host an AMA on Reddit

After President Obama hosted a successful AMA on Reddit, you might be wondering if you can do your own AMA on Reddit. You can host your own AMA which stands for Ask Me Anything. Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet and therefore anyone can hope on Reddit and get started. You can write about anything and have other Redditors ask you anything. Reddit started as a news aggregation site, where users could share anything and other would comment and either upvote or downvote your links. The more upvotes you get the more Karma you receive. You cannot do anything with these Karma points like redeem them for pizza. It just shows how much good you have done for Reddit.Host a successful AMA on RedditHow to host a successful AMA on Reddit
1. Go to Reddit
2. Join by entering a username and password - you do not need a email ID to sign-up. If you want to associate an email ID that's find but not necessary.
3. Click on IAMA to get started. In this section AMA stands for Ask me Anything and AMAA stands for Ask Me Almost Anything. With IAMA standing for I AM A. So you can start-off with IAMA a professional wrestler who did not qualify for the Olympics. People will be interested in your AMA only if you have something unique to share and not spammy topics like 'Loosing or gaining weight'.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA

Obama AMA

Image Credit: 

So the President of the United Stats has done an IAMA on Reddit ( I Am A) and while doing the IAMA he did it with an AMA (Ask Me Anything). So the president sat for half a hour on Reddit and took questions from users. Everyone familiar with Reddit knows sometimes things can get quite embarrassing - the President however handled everything very well and it became a successful AMA. As of writing this there are over 21,700 comments and the discussion is till happening. This makes him the first president on history to do an AMA and on a site like Reddit.

President Obama answered about 10 questions and if you would like to read just the questions he answered here is the permalink. Yes, the president was asked about Internet Freedom and he did reply saying that he understood how everyone cared so passionately about it and that he did too. Also stating he is going to fight hard to ensure it stays an open forum for everybody. This is principle he won't stray from. The AMA did have an effect on Reddit and the site was reported a little sluggish by users. Obama proved it was genuine by submitting a link in his Twitter account. Non-Redditors also logged-on to Reddit to see what the president would say and answer questions. Reddit now has all the potential to become the next battleground as the president has proved that accepts technology and not afraid to use it. If any good comes from all of this we hope it would lead to Internet Freedom not being removed from people across the world.
Read the full AMA here

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