Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to upload a picture to Reddit

If you are new to Reddit one of the first things you might want to learn to do is to upload a picture tto Reddit. You cannot directly upload a picture to Reddit and you will need to use something called 'imgur'. Imgur is a free image hosting site that provides service to million s of users. Most Reddit users are fond of Imgur and use it to upload photos to Reddit. So to share a photo, pic or image on Reddit. You would first need to upload it to Imgur and then get a direct link to share it on Reddit.

Uploading a picture to RedditHow to upload an image or picture to Imgur.
1. Go to Imgur and click on Computer - to upload from your computer or Web to upload from the web.
2. Once uploaded the link called 'Direct Link' - copy that and paste it in your Reddit post.

This is the image URL and can be posted anywhere on Reddit. You can use it in a 'Text' or 'Link' post.

Please check the video below if you need the visuals.

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