Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 Yr Old Bedtime Bandit stealing a Pillow Pet [Video]

Here comes another YouTube videos that in 5 days has acquired about 2 million views. Uploaded by his parents this toddler uses fingernail clippers to open his 8 year old sister's bedroom to steal a stuffed toy. His sister complained to her parents about the 2 year old sneaking into her room at night and stealing toys. Even with the door closed - setting up a hidden cam the parents discover the toddler has leaned to use nail clippers to open the door. How on earth the little chap figured that out is amazing. he opens the door sneaks in and gets his pillow pet goes back to his room. When you watch this really cute video you can hear his parents laughing in the background. The bandit gets caught - really nice video and a must watch.
2yr old bandit YouTube videoWatch the video below to be entertained.

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