Thursday, March 28, 2013

HADOKEN-ing Meme set to beat Harlem Shake & Planking

Seems 2013 is heating up with all the new Memes around - the latest meme offering on the internet is HADOKEN-ing. Hadouken has been around in Japan for sometime but has now crossed over and gripping the rest of the world.This meme has to do with fun pics of young girls in Japan doing power moves like in Dragon Ballz Z or actually more like the power moves that originated in 'The Matrix'. Where one person stands in the middle and presses the ground while all the others fly away. So if you're not familiar with the meme here are a few pics to help you get started. It originated in Japan and seems set to take over the world. Good luck while creating your own image.

HADOKEN-ing 05 HADOKEN-ing 02 HADOKEN-ing 03 HADOKEN-ing 04 HADOKEN-ing 01

 (All above images from Imgur)



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