Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take a pic of your hotel room numbers to avoid wandering after having 1 too Many

This is a life tip from Reddit that really needs mentioning. Many times people check into hotels and forget their hotel room numbers and start wandering around aimlessly searching. The problem gets compounded when you go out to town for a night of hitting all the possible watering holes. You down one too many and somehow reach your hotel only to forget your room number. Reddit user foundbypat has a simple solution -- take a pic of your hotel room number. This way when you stumble back to your hotel, you can always whip out your phone or gadget that you use and look at a pic of your room number.

snap a pic of hotel room numbersOther users suggest taking out the notepad that is usually available in your room, writing down the number and stuffing it into your pocket. We have another simple solution -- press your three digit hotel room number and dial on your phone. When you come back just checked your dialed numbers and the three digit one is the room number. Simple tips but helpful.
Source: Take a pic of your hotel room number via Reddit user Foundbypat 

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