Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Set your default YouTube Upload Settings

YouTube is the No 1 destination on the web for video content. Content being uploaded by content is versatile, new and ambitions. The best part about YouTube is that it allows anybody to become a content creator or video maker. There is also the chance to monetize your videos and make some money -- provided your videos get a lot of views and a lot of subscribers. If you have a lot of video views you might get invited by YouTube to join their partner program. There are many YouTube video content creators who are now able to live off their vast earnings from YouTube.

How to adjust YouTube upload settingsIf you are one of those people who want to start experimenting with YouTube and have started uploading videos. There is something known as YouTube default settings. Once you choose this option and set all your defaults. Then every-time you upload a video you don't have to make individual changes. Default settings will take care of it and it becomes less cumbersome. Do what you do best, create and upload videos and let the default settings work for you. You can also set your defaults to automatically monetize your videos if you are a part of the revenue sharing program of YouTube.

How to set your default YouTube upload settings
1. Login to YouTube
2. Click on your username
3. Click on settings
4. Under Channel settings -- choose defaults
5. Choose the best options that suit you and click on save
6. You're done

Please check the video below if you need the visuals

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