Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Facebook Activity Log: How to search

Facebook's Activity Log is the place to find all your posts and posts that friends have tagged you in. This is the place to go to when you want to review all the posts you have on your Timeline. From here you can either allow on Timeline, hide from Timeline or limit your posts to be viewable by only certain people. This is the most important place for you to set all your posts privacy settings. When you go to your Activity Log you can filter all your posts to make them easily searchable. This way if you want to find all the photos you've uploaded to Facebook -- use the photos filter to find only photos. You can do this for almost anything, you can search for all the posts made by games or apps on your Timeline. Easy to sort through and you can then either disable or allow on Timeline.

Activity Log on FacebookFacebook Activity Log how to search
1. login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to land on your Timeline
3. Now choose Activity log found below your cover photo
4. Click the down arrow beside Posts and Apps
5. You can now sort through your posts, apps and everything else. Find posts related to anything.
6. Now that you've found it on your Timeline -- tune your settings
7. Save and you're done.

Please check the video below for the visuals.

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