Saturday, November 24, 2012

PSY with Gangnam Style surpasses all other videos to become the most viewed

If you were to search for the most viewed video in the world it is no more Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga -- it is now officially Gangnam Style. Which is steadily heading up to 1 billion views. Which is absolutely impressive for a non-English songs to make it to the charts and eventually take over. The only speculation now would be when is it going to reach a billion views. The video which has now crossed over 800 million views shows in a strange way how the web might be able to overtake TV -- YouTube in particular has had impressive growth over the last couple of years and is now firmly established as the No. 1 destination on the web to watch videos, not to forget the number of content creators it has created.

1 billion views Gangnam StyleWith over 800 million views it is almost 6500 years of Gangnam Style being played. People of all ages like the song and it's not stuck within any particular age group or geographical location. Also considering the date it was published it means that there have been 6 million views every single day and should be able to reach 1 billion by Christmas day. So here's the video once more below for you to watch and enjoy. Here is the link to view the YouTube ratings for this video, if you are not in the US, please Change the setting below to Worldwide to be able to view the video count. Video below as we guess you're not yet tired of watching the video.

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