Saturday, November 24, 2012

Always keep some cash for emergencies

Hurricane Sandy proved without a doubt that cash is still king in an emergency situation. When the power is out it would mean water supply is hit, the fridge stops functioning, no TV and most of All -- no ATMs. No ATMs means you have no access to all your money. What use would it be in an emergency if the power is out and the ATM's are down and you have no access to your money. Emergency situations always prove to us that cash is till king. Cold hard notes that you can feel in your hands is the only thing that will do the talking and help you get around.

[caption id="attachment_3112" align="aligncenter" width="300"]US Dollar notes Image Credit - Wikipedia[/caption]

It is a simply idea but would prove most valuable in an emergency -- keep some money in your home. Hide it up as best you can and don't forget where you hit it. So if there is an emergency you can always scurry to your hiding place and find your cash. There are many ways to hide you money around your home and the internet will give you some nice helpful tips and tricks on how to do so. IN an emergency when there is all to fight for and everyone is in the same fix, you cannot expect to get a payday loan. As no one has the luxury to lend, it is best to be prepared.
Via: Lifehacker via our Life Tips section

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