Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to create a Subreddit on Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic place for people of similar interests to group together and talk about what they are passionate about. Which means that if you have a business, blog, website or interest. You can create a Subreddit on Reddit which will act as a community for people to come together and share articles, pics and videos all the while creating the word-of-mouth effect to help you grow your business or interest.

Reddit is the front page of the internet and once you get used to Reddit you can actually start living without Facebook and Twitter and get your daily dose of news, views, memes and what not from this community based site.

Creating a subreddit community on Reddit.

What is Reddit: Reddit is a place to share news, share your stories and experiences, talk about technology -- the possibilities are limitless and the best part is there is always someone to add interesting comments and the discussions are very real. You get Karma points if you are upvoted on Reddit and you loose karma points if you get downvoted. 

So you can amass the power of Reddit to create traffic for your blog or website or business r interest. There are many companies that have created Subreddits for their business and have been really creative in user engagement. Thereby generating a lot of interest in their products and their brands. 

How to create a Subreddit Community on Reddit
Creating a subreddit means you are creating a community around your brand and getting people to talk and share your stuff.
1. Go to Reddit
2. On the right-hand side choose a username and password and login. There is no need to use and email ID. You could if you want but not mandatory.
3. Now that you have a Reddit ID on the right is the link 'Create your own community' - click on that and you are taken to the nest page.
4. Enter your community name, title for your community, add a description and a description that goes into your sidebar. Choose the other options according to how you would like to moderate and click on create and you're done.

Update: You can also use this link to directly go to the create Subreddit page and get started on your community.
Once your Subreddit has been created please let other Reddit users know about it by posting to r/NewReddits.

Simple and easy -- here are a few businesses' that have their own communities or Subreddit on Reddit. XBox 360 , King of Thrones , Slashdot. So if you are willing to moderate a community and look after it you can create a Subreddit and see how it goes. All the best to you!!.

Please check video below for visuals

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