Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to eat more fruit and veggies?

Here comes an amazing Life Pro Tip from Redditor livebythem. basically this is the way it works. if you need to snack more on veggies and fruits - cut them up beforehand and store them in some Tupperware. This way whenever you need to snack on something - open your container and start snacking on fruits and veggies. This is very helpful for most people since we eat more out of boredom rather that hunger. The key OP says is that they need to be sealed in leak-proof Tupperware and then even apples will stay fresh for a week. Cutting up Apples and other fruit beforehand and storing them in leak-proof containers should do the trick.

how to eat more fruits and veggiesWhen sitting in front of the TV, most of us reach out to munch on junk food and something that is oily and unhealthy. If you have your fruits already cut and ready to be eaten. Just open your container and mindlessly chomp on fruits and vegetables. Other Redditors also suggest using zip-lock bags. Do this after squeezing as much air out as possible - helps fruits and veggies stay fresh for longer. You can read more at the discussion going on, on Reddit here. Super tip to eat healthy - when going out just throw a container in your bag and when you need to eat, your fruits and veggies are ready. Image Credit: Redditor Livebythem.

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