Thursday, May 9, 2013

Optimistic Otter Meme

Optimistic Otter was uploaded to Reddit a few hours ago, by CyrisXD to Advice Animals. The reason for this post is that we feel this is all set to become a widely used meme. Especially for those of you who like otters. You might not know this but there are many people who like puppies and many people who like cats - and an equally large number of people who like Otters. You otter known that. A fact that is becoming sweeter on Reddit - people will upvote you if you have an Otter on your post.

Optimistic Otter Meme Raw ImageOptimistic Otter posted by CyrisXD has already made it to the front-page on Reddit in less than a few hours. I am sure there are more Optimistic Otter pictures and gifs that are going to appear on Reddit. Otterwise it will be a shame. The original post now has over 180 comments and they just keep on coming. Check out the post for more Otter Pics and Gifs. If you like these cute little creatures. I also otter let you know that if you need the original Optimistic Otter image with RES, we have added it to this post. So keep at it and let's see how many Optimistic Otter images become popular on Reddit and elsewhere on the internet. Original post and comments here

Optimistic Otter meme

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