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Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to change default Subreddits

Reddit has changed the default Subreddits that will appear on the homepage. /r/politics and /r/atheism is gone and more user friendly Subreddits in their place like /r/Books and /r/Gifs. if however you have subscribed to other Subreddits and would like those to appear on the front-page when you access Reddit this is what you would need to do. Reddit is not yet mainline and it's good it's kept that way. Many users online have found solace in Reddit and the way it's run. In fact Reddit has not even reached a point of break-even - users love Reddit and if you are one of them. When you login to Reddit the first-thing everyday. You would like to see your favorite Subreddit subs on the front page. This way you can reach them with just a click and browse through all the archives. So this is how to change default Subreddits on Reddit.

How to change default subredditsHow to change Default Subreddits on Reddit
1. Go to
2. Click on Edit on your Top-Bar
3. All the Subreddits are dispalyed
4. Click on Subscribe on the ones you want - color now changes to red
5. Subreddits that you are not subscribed to are in green color.

So just choose the Subreddits you want and check this link to make sure your personal Subreddit list is updated on this page. It's called the my Subreddits page and can be found here - . This way you choose which Subreddits appear on your Front Page - subscribe or unsubscribe.

Note: To unsubscribe from a Subreddit  - please follow the same process as mentioned above. 

Reddit updates default Subreddits

This has not happened since October, 2011. Reddit updates its default Subreddits - gone are /r/politics and /r/atheism, two of the most troublesome Subreddits. In its places are Subreddits like /r/EartPorn, /r/ExplianLikeImfive and /r/books. Reddit seems to be looking to go a bit more mainstream with this change. Reddit however denies that and simply says that the older Subreddits were not really growing as expected. And the new default Subreddits seems to be gaining in traction, and also in the number of new users subscribing to them. Whatever might be the reason for this new change on Reddit. Users who are used to seeing things the same might miss the old defaults.

Reddit front page default SubredditsThis however does not mean you can't have the old Subreddits back to your front page. You can always unsubscribe from the new ones and subscribe to the old Subreddits to have them back. Some of the more popular Subreddits that have really been growing have been /r/IAMA and /r/TodayILearned. IAMA has been used by just about everyone to tell the world who they are and what they do. From Barack Obama to Steven Spielberg. Anyone can use this Subreddit if they have something to share with the rest of the world. TodayILeanred is for people to share links with things they might have learned fro the first time today on the internet. it is a very interesting Subreddit for those who like to increase their knowledge of the not-so-common, or just have a good read.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

10 Best Subreddits for geeks

If you are into Tech and Geeky stuff - Reddit has quiet a few Subreddits for you. Reddit is large and the number of Subreddits keeps growing by the day. There is a Subreddit for just about anything under the Sun. We have complied a list of best Subreddits for geeks - something you sure don't want to miss, especially if you want to know the latest DIY's being shared every day. There are also tech Support Subreddits for people who need 24/7 tech support. A Subreddit is like a large group - created by an individual user. Anyone can create a Subreddit and if it becomes popular. It will be recognized on Reddit and people interested in that topic will join the conversation. So if you are into Tech and Geeky stuff, here are the best Subreddit communities for you.

Best Subreddits for geeks1. R/Technology
This is one of the most popular places on Reddit, where users share the latest tech news stories from blogs and websites. More a place to find the latest tech news.

2. /r/TechSupport
Are you having problems with your PC, Antivirus, tablet or Phone. Here you can ask advice from other users and get support immediately.

3. /r/howto
The definitive place on Reddit to find out how to do just about anything. There are users always sharing new How-to tutorials and you can share some of your own.

4. r/TodayILearned
Find out what other users are learning for the first time on the internet. You can join the conversation and learn something new for the day.

5. r/DIY
Do It Yourself - this is the place on Reddit for all those DIY tutorial. From learning how to clean wooden floors to how to change a light bulb - This is everything DIY.

6. r/LifeProTips
Need support, help and just general funny and cool ideas about how to live life better - then you need to check out life pro tips and get the best for everyday.

7. r/electronics
For you if you like electronics and especially taking things apart and putting them back together.

8. r/homeimprovement
Need help to get something fixed around your home. Home Improvement is just the place to find your answers.

9. /r/talesfromtechsupport
To read stories from people who work tech Support jobs - very informative and entertaining.

10. r/geek
Need we say more - the place for all Reddit geeks.

Have fun browsing through these Subreddits and please leave a comment below.