Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to change default Subreddits

Reddit has changed the default Subreddits that will appear on the homepage. /r/politics and /r/atheism is gone and more user friendly Subreddits in their place like /r/Books and /r/Gifs. if however you have subscribed to other Subreddits and would like those to appear on the front-page when you access Reddit this is what you would need to do. Reddit is not yet mainline and it's good it's kept that way. Many users online have found solace in Reddit and the way it's run. In fact Reddit has not even reached a point of break-even - users love Reddit and if you are one of them. When you login to Reddit the first-thing everyday. You would like to see your favorite Subreddit subs on the front page. This way you can reach them with just a click and browse through all the archives. So this is how to change default Subreddits on Reddit.

How to change default subredditsHow to change Default Subreddits on Reddit
1. Go to
2. Click on Edit on your Top-Bar
3. All the Subreddits are dispalyed
4. Click on Subscribe on the ones you want - color now changes to red
5. Subreddits that you are not subscribed to are in green color.

So just choose the Subreddits you want and check this link to make sure your personal Subreddit list is updated on this page. It's called the my Subreddits page and can be found here - . This way you choose which Subreddits appear on your Front Page - subscribe or unsubscribe.

Note: To unsubscribe from a Subreddit  - please follow the same process as mentioned above. 

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