Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to host an AMA on Reddit

After President Obama hosted a successful AMA on Reddit, you might be wondering if you can do your own AMA on Reddit. You can host your own AMA which stands for Ask Me Anything. Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet and therefore anyone can hope on Reddit and get started. You can write about anything and have other Redditors ask you anything. Reddit started as a news aggregation site, where users could share anything and other would comment and either upvote or downvote your links. The more upvotes you get the more Karma you receive. You cannot do anything with these Karma points like redeem them for pizza. It just shows how much good you have done for Reddit.Host a successful AMA on RedditHow to host a successful AMA on Reddit
1. Go to Reddit
2. Join by entering a username and password - you do not need a email ID to sign-up. If you want to associate an email ID that's find but not necessary.
3. Click on IAMA to get started. In this section AMA stands for Ask me Anything and AMAA stands for Ask Me Almost Anything. With IAMA standing for I AM A. So you can start-off with IAMA a professional wrestler who did not qualify for the Olympics. People will be interested in your AMA only if you have something unique to share and not spammy topics like 'Loosing or gaining weight'.

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