Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Facebook Graph Search AMA on Reddit

Facebook Graph Search is still in beta opt-in and the engineer (pointy-haired engineering director for Facebook's search team, AMA) did a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything). The AMA section on Reddit allows people to post am IAMA ( I am A) and other users can ask that person questions related to their AMA. This weeks popular AMA was done by Lars Eilstrup Rasmussen - director of Facebook Graph Search. In the AMA Lars answers questions like 'Why he joined Facebook after leaving Google', is there free coffee at the office, did Mark Zuckerberg take him on the famous long walk and a few questions about the technical aspects of Facebook Graph Search. He speaks about the structure of Facebook Graph search and although the product is still young, it will get rolled out to all users once it's matured enough.

Here are some of the questions and answers about Facebook Graph Search

technology behind graph search


internal query syntax for facebook graph search


explain graph search like I'm 5


ELI5 - explain like I'm 5 - you can read the complete AMA on Reddit here. Link to Lars Facebook Profile here

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