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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make a Meme on Imgur

Reddit loves memes and the default image hosting service is Imgur. Imgur is not by Reddit but is the most popular service on Reddit where users upload photos, images and memes to. These are then shared on Reddit. So no matter where you create or make a meme it is finally hosted on Imgur and shared on Reddit. Quickmeme which till now has been a popular service for making memes has been black listed for artificially upvoting posts and downvoting posts from competitors. This now makes perfect sense that Imgur launch their own meme making service. So the next time you're on r/AdviceAnimals - you can make your memes on Imgur and share it directly. We have already written about how to share photos on Reddit and the best sites to make a meme. With the new service from Imgur, the whole process has become that much more easier. So whether it is Bad Luck Brian, Overly Attached Girlfriend or any other meme, you can create one right on Imgur

Make a meme on ImgurHow to make a meme on Imgur
1. Go to Imgur
2. The front page has a whole of popular meme templates
3. Click on make a meme found on the left
4. use one of the popular templates provided or upload an image from your own computer
5. Once your image is ready enter the top sentence and the bottom
6. Finish my clicking on make this meme and now it's ready to share

Have fun by sharing your meme with all your pals on Facebook, Twitter and get all that karma on Reddit.

Make a meme on Imgur.