Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA

Obama AMA

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So the President of the United Stats has done an IAMA on Reddit ( I Am A) and while doing the IAMA he did it with an AMA (Ask Me Anything). So the president sat for half a hour on Reddit and took questions from users. Everyone familiar with Reddit knows sometimes things can get quite embarrassing - the President however handled everything very well and it became a successful AMA. As of writing this there are over 21,700 comments and the discussion is till happening. This makes him the first president on history to do an AMA and on a site like Reddit.

President Obama answered about 10 questions and if you would like to read just the questions he answered here is the permalink. Yes, the president was asked about Internet Freedom and he did reply saying that he understood how everyone cared so passionately about it and that he did too. Also stating he is going to fight hard to ensure it stays an open forum for everybody. This is principle he won't stray from. The AMA did have an effect on Reddit and the site was reported a little sluggish by users. Obama proved it was genuine by submitting a link in his Twitter account. Non-Redditors also logged-on to Reddit to see what the president would say and answer questions. Reddit now has all the potential to become the next battleground as the president has proved that accepts technology and not afraid to use it. If any good comes from all of this we hope it would lead to Internet Freedom not being removed from people across the world.
Read the full AMA here

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