Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to save Yahoo Mail Attachments directly to DropBox

Starting today Yahoo Mail have partnered with DropBox to help you easily save your attachments directly to DropBox. This means that you don't have to download your attachments first and then save to DropBox. For users familiar with DropBox the free cloud storage software - any and all sorts of file types can be stored using the service. So all your vacation pictures, important docs like tax returns and all your whitepapers and videos can be stored directly. You can sign-in to DropBox right within Yahoo Mail and store all your files and folders in the cloud. This post will help you save Yahoo Mail Attachments directly to DropBox.

save Yahoo Mail attachment directly to DropBoxHow to save Yahoo Mail attachments directly to your DropBox account.
1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail
2. Click on the attachment.
3. Click on the 'Save to DropBox' button
4. You're done

If you don not have a DropBox account as yet, you can click on 'More Options' to create a new account and name a new folder to save all your attachments.

How to share a file or folder from DropBox in Yahoo mail
1. Click on Compose.
2. Next to the paper clip icon select the drop-down button
3. Select 'Share from DropBox'. The chooser will open and you can then select files you wish to share. If the attachments is large you can simply drag and drop the file into email and click 'Send' to send from DropBox. This integration is available globally.

Source: Yahoo Blog and DropBox Blog.

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