Thursday, April 4, 2013

YouTube earnings zero from clicks and here's why

Many YouTube partners have been surprised to see that clicks from their videos have been reporting 0 earnings. This has started from April 1 2013 and YouTube have announced the reason. The announcement has been that earnings will no more reflect in 'Adsense for content host'. This means that earnings will no more be calculated from within Adsense and if you want to find your earnings you can do so from within YouTube Analytics.

So what does this mean for YouTube partners - there is no change in the way you get paid. End of the month calculations on final earnings will include all YouTube click earnings. To find out how much you earned per day, you would need to check from within YouTube analytics.

YouTube click earnings now reported in YouTube AnalyticsHow to check YouTube earnings.
1. Signin to YouTube
2. Click on your username
3. Click on video manager
4. Click on Analytics
5. Under 'Earnings Report' click on estimated earnings.

This was announced via the official YouTube for partners blog. Here you can find a sum of all your earnings and estimated earnings from clicks per day.

Source: YouTube partners and & Creators blog.

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