Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to earn up to 16 MB of extra free space on DropBox

DropBox the free cloud storage webapp that creates an extra drive on your PC or device to ensure all your files are available to you all the time, now has an incentive to invite your friends to join and install the service. For every friend you invite and who then decides to join and install DropBox, you get 500 MB of extra storage space. This is 500 MB if you have a free account and 1 GB if you have a pro account. You can also use the code provided to invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to make things easier. There is however an upper limit of 16 GB for free accounts and 32 GB for pro accounts. 

Once you go to the DropBox referral page you can choose from 3 different options on how you want to invite people. You can choose to  invite via email  - so you can then enter you log-in and password details and invite all your Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc mail contacts and share DropBox for free. You can also invite all your Twitter contacts by sending them the automated Tweet already embedded with your code or send the same to all your Facebook friends. You can also invite a few specific friends by entering their email IDs separately.
Invite your friends to use DropBox and earn extra space for free.

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